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Rega RS10s in cherry £2450

Discussion in 'classifieds' started by kowalski99, Mar 15, 2021.

  1. kowalski99

    kowalski99 pfm Member

    Hi, I am selling pair of flagship Rega RS10 speakers.

    It is useful to know that Rega offer a lifetime warranty against manufacturers defects.
    Sound wise, the RS10s:
    - Have marvellous timbres.
    - They are extremely transparent.
    - Large and very very deep scene. Lots of air.
    - They are fast. Very fast.
    - The bass is surprising : very clean and fast and seems to go very low like my former transmission line shared designed PMC's.
    - Look stunning with the high gloss finish.
    - Can fit close to rear walls and work well in different sizes of rooms.
    - The instruction manual is included but they are not boxed.

    The cabinets are in about 7/10 condition because of my recent move where removal men were a little unsympathetic with them- the pictures show the details. The sound is perfect as are the drivers.

    They are collection only due to weight.
    These are currently for sale on ebay- so if you want to look at pictures search rega rs10 and they will appear. And yes, they are more expensive on ebay- I would rather sell them to someone on here!

    Covid issues
    I am happy for you to come and listen to them, as long as you wear a mask from 29th March (stay at home rule relaxed)!
    I am tested twice a week so am happy to have a lateral flow test before you arrive should you want a demo.

    Rega sales information:
    The RS-10 loudspeaker system offers the user the ability to adjust its performance to suit different locations via our ‘environment match’ adjustment feature. We have pioneered the integration of a BMR unit with the unique Rega ‘dual driver bass system’ and a completely new and exclusive Rega designed tweeter to create a very special and unique loudspeaker which offers unparalleled levels of control balance and dynamics.
    Multiple high voltage parallel polypropylene capacitors with iron dust and air core inductors / Average impedance 6 Ohms

    Crossover Frequencies
    Bass to Mid: 300 Hz

    Mid to High Frequency: 6 kHz

    ZRR-10 Tweeter Unit Sensitivity: 88 dB

    8 Layer 125 mm Bass Drive Unit: 75 Hz

    8 Layer 200 mm Bass Drive Unit: 40 Hz / Bi-wireable

    Bi-ampable: Yes

    Cabinet Construction
    25 mm thick high-density cabinet, ¼ wave transmission line design

    Cabinet Dimensions (W x H x D)
    200 x 1005 x 440 mm

    Weight (per speaker)
    38 kg
  2. JimmyB

    JimmyB pfm Member

  3. kowalski99

    kowalski99 pfm Member

    Thank you
  4. Luceo non uro

    Luceo non uro pfm Member

    I would have been VERY upset with the removals people if that had happened to me.

    Sadly I'm going in the opposite direction back to standmounts with my imminent move to a non-soundproofed flat, but would have loved to have tried these in my (mostly) Rega system. Ah well, bad timing! GLWTS
  5. Rack Kit

    Rack Kit pfm Member

    That’s a shame. I remember hearing these RS10s with the Isis CDP/P9/Atheta/IOS and Osiris amp at dealers when Rega launched them some years back. The best sounding set up I’d heard at that point. Stunning.

    Free bump and GLWTS OP.
  6. stevied

    stevied über wagonista

    Did the removal company include insurance against damage or did/does your home insurance cover it? I'd be looking into that option, if you can. That's really not good enough!

  7. djftw

    djftw Heterodox Member

    I'm kinda tempted, I've still not quite settled on the speaker to fill the void from my Rega XELs... But I suppose the Pandemic Police will send me to the gulag for a 560mile round trip to collect them :(
  8. kowalski99

    kowalski99 pfm Member

    The 'stay at home' order ends on the 29th March so this is when I feel more comfortable about demoing them etc as things are getting a bit more relaxed overall.
  9. kowalski99

    kowalski99 pfm Member

    The removal men were friends of friends so it was a bit awkward- I was given a couple of hundred quid cash to get a furniture restorer onto them!
  10. kimbleman

    kimbleman pfm Member

    A good specialist restorer would bring them back to showroom condition so why not use the £200 and get them sorted....them keep them
    JimmyB likes this.
  11. JimmyB

    JimmyB pfm Member

    Even the corner dent? Not sure what can be done by specialists but that would make all the difference.
  12. kimbleman

    kimbleman pfm Member

    A good French polisher will be able to splice in near matching veneer and more or less invisibly repair. It'll never be 100% but it'll make them a 9/10 rather than a 7/10 and as I said keep them
    JimmyB likes this.
  13. kowalski99

    kowalski99 pfm Member

    Thanks, I guess it's worth getting it done..
  14. kimbleman

    kimbleman pfm Member

    Just an example....this guys Oxford but just search on line in your local area.....

    Even if it cost £300......these were like seven grand speakers. Would you sell your car because of a dent or get it repaired?? We tend to look at damage (especially to furniture) and immediately think it's trashed, bit there are genuinely skilled professionals out there for which this is their daily job to bring great pieces back from the dead. There's a local re-upholsterer I've used to recover a couple of chairs. He was telling me that most modern sofas underneath (that is to say the frames, springs, webbing, foam) are really poorly made these days so better to buy say a forty plus year old sofa (with a solid foundation) and re-upholster to your chosen fabric. Typically a three seater might be circa £1200 (plus cost of donor sofa) but you end up with something that will look good and last a lifetime. Bit off topic but you get my drift I hope.
    Maybe start a thread with before and after photos and costs???
  15. Conan

    Conan Loop digger

    You can always take it to BBC's Repair Shop.
  16. kimbleman

    kimbleman pfm Member

    Yeah....tell them they used to belong to a dearly departed family member and they have sentimental memories for you
  17. kowalski99

    kowalski99 pfm Member

    Haha, yes very good idea- they love a tragic back story!

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