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Rega older RP8 or latest P6?

Discussion in 'audio' started by oldson, May 14, 2023.

  1. oldson

    oldson pfm Member

    after going round and round in circles (no pun intended) trying to decide on an upgrade path from my modded RP3, i have finally got it down to a choice of 2.
    the older RP8 that still has the outer plinth and hinged lid or the latest version P6.

    just interested on views of which one to go for?
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  2. Ptah

    Ptah pfm Member

    I prefer the P6, having had both, looks simpler & sounds as good IMHO. The latest model has the newer style Neo as well. The P3 50th is also worth considering.
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  3. boegelund

    boegelund pfm Member

    Depends on price I'd say.
    Not a fan of the discontinued RP range myself, but if the price is right for a cared RP8, should comfortable outperform any P3 level.
    RoA likes this.
  4. stevebrock

    stevebrock pfm Member

    personally i would go for a P6 - i fitted a cart to a mates RP6 and had a listen and compared to my RP8 and there was nothing in it.......the P6 is an improvement on the RP6 too.
    Darren, oldson and NickofWimbledon like this.
  5. gavreid

    gavreid pfm Member

    I doubt there's a great deal between a maxed out 3 with a p/s and a P6. The P6 is often said to be the sweet spot in the range value-wise but it'll be an incremental improvement from where you are. You could fit a better cartridge to a 6 but then you'll likely need to better phono amp etc to hear the difference. I'd stick I think.
    oldson likes this.
  6. oldson

    oldson pfm Member

    well i am in for an interesting weekend.
    i have a P8/ania-pro to compare to my modded rp3 :)
    Seanm, Darren and gavreid like this.
  7. gavreid

    gavreid pfm Member

    That, I'm sure you will notice ;)
    tpetsch likes this.
  8. Darren

    Darren Doin' the Southern Freeeez

    Do please report.
  9. oldson

    oldson pfm Member

    what started my upgraditis was the urge to try an expensive mc cart on my humble rp3, so thats where i intend to start.
    ania-pro on rp3, then my exact on the p8 and then of course the ania-pro on the p8.
    that will scratch several itches.
    Mr Pig likes this.
  10. unclepuncle

    unclepuncle pfm Member

    Save up for a P8
  11. oldson

    oldson pfm Member

    got one here.
    if it wow's me i will be keeping it.

    originally i was considering a new p6 vs older rp8, but that went out of the window along with my budget.
    the p8 i have here is a demo unit and has a discount on it, which is what got me hooked.
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  12. oldson

    oldson pfm Member


    my wallet is cowering in the corner
    dan m and Mr Pig like this.
  13. Vinny

    Vinny pfm Member

    The real hassle of PVC today.

    Potential to get more from the media is endless - even at the basic level - deck,tonearm, cart', pre-pre-amplification (SUT, head amp', stage).

    Am I glad I started this fiasco a looooonnng time ago? ;)
  14. oldson

    oldson pfm Member

    i am pleased to see (with ref to the ania pro cart) that when you spend this much on a rega cart, it actually comes with a passable stylus guard!
    Mr Pig likes this.
  15. oldson

    oldson pfm Member

    my current phonostage is a mofi studiophono which has no adjustment for capacitance, its preset to 100pf.

    rega recommends the setting for ania-pro is 1000pf, so i am well low.
    am i correct in thinking this will reduce bass extension?

    if so maybe i will try and get a used rega fono mc
  16. Mr Pig

    Mr Pig Trade: ^'- -'^

    The Aria is nice.
  17. oldson

    oldson pfm Member

    cant stretch to that sadly
  18. Lurch

    Lurch pfm Member

    For a cheaper option to see what pf loading will do for the sound buy a couple of T piece RCA splitters from fleabay and make up a couple of 900pf loading plugs.
    This would then plug direct into your Mofi PS then plug arm lead into splitter.

    I do this to up the loading for my A&R P77 Mg which likes to see 350+ pf.
    Mr Pig and oldson like this.
  19. oldson

    oldson pfm Member

    thats a clever idea.
    i do have my eye on a used Fono MC on ebay for reasonable money and which i should get back by selling my Mofi unit, but thanks for the suggestion.
    i may try that while the ebay auction is running, as i do have splitters somewhere.
  20. oldson

    oldson pfm Member

    well i took the plunge and traded in my RP3(with Neo) for the P8/Ania-pro.
    this thing sounds superb and i prefer it to my digital system too.
    dave charlton, jamesd and Mr Pig like this.

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