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rega dac, cdq, young dac bake off

Discussion in 'audio' started by bottleneck, Feb 3, 2011.

  1. bottleneck

    bottleneck pfm Member

    The bake-off will be in Reading,

    the date will be a weekend (saturday)

    6th March looks promising.

    Apart from those companies/people bringing DACs, can accomodate 3-4 extra people.

    If you are -

    1) unhappy with your digital front end, and looking to improve it
    2) able to get to Reading on the date above
    3) happy to respect the dealerships who are making great efforts to bring equipment by not ''slating'' brands, instead writing fair and reasonable words on the forum afterwards (after all, DACs change the ''flavour'' - it's not good vs evil!).

    Then please send PM :)
  2. Plutox

    Plutox Registered Abuser

    Not a great choice as this coincides with the Scalford gathering!

    Try again :p
  3. Wilky

    Wilky pfm Member

    PM sent.

  4. Purité Audio

    Purité Audio Trade: Purite Audio

    Chris Hi. Young DAC will be with you tomorrow, remember to download the software for the Young from the M2Tech site, ( products page , then 'read more') any queries don't hesitate to get in touch, have you managed to corral the other contenders?
    Kind regards Keith.
  5. bottleneck

    bottleneck pfm Member

    whoop whoop !

    Thanks Keith.

    Next weekend seems to co-incide with Salfold Hall, which is bad for some, so will make it the following weekend.. Saturday the 12th.

    So far, promised from Keith (Purite), Item Audio, Guildford Audio - we hope to have -

    Wyred 4 Sound DAC
    Young DAC
    MF Dac
    Heed Dactilus

    Hopefully the Audiolab CD player courtesy of kindly member.

    Any Rega Dac owner live near Reading?
  6. reverendo

    reverendo pfm Member

    it would really be great to have a burnt-in CDQ in the bake-off...
    would make things more interesting
    best regards
  7. Purité Audio

    Purité Audio Trade: Purite Audio

    Chris Hi, both the W4S and the M2Tech use Mrcos proprietary Async USB transfer protocol so you will need drivers for both, the drivers for the Young are on their website, not sure where the W4S are, you may be able to use the M2Tech ones.
    Br Keith.
  8. bottleneck

    bottleneck pfm Member


    looks like we are going to be okay for Saturday 12th of March.

    We should have a good array of today's best sub £1k DACs, and a few transport options.

    I can realistically ''host'' perhaps 3-4 people, so if you
    a) live near Reading / can travel to Reading
    b) you were considering a DAC purchase and can therefore benefit from a bake-off
    c) can write about what you hear fairly and reasonably

    then can you send me a PM? Stil lhave a couple of spare places.

  9. BobMaximus

    BobMaximus pfm Member

    I'm in Oxford and I've got a Rega DAC. How easy is it to get to your place from the railway station? Also, what amplifiers do you propose using?

  10. bottleneck

    bottleneck pfm Member

    Hi Bob

    It would be great if you can make it - the Rega Dac is one of the few we are missing from the bake-off.

    I live a stone's - throw from ''Reading West'' train station. Literally a couple of minutes walk.

    Reading West is a satelite station, with trains approx 1 every 30 minutes to the main Reading train station. The journey takes less than 5 minutes between ''Reading West'' and ''Reading central''.

    It is quite possible to walk to my house from ''Reading central'' , I do it all the time, but this walk takes approx 30 minutes.

    I could meet you at Reading west if you have difficulty.

    The one-way system at the main Reading train station makes collection from this station extremely difficult, and I've received a ticket before for going in the wrong lane.. it's a nightmare to drive to.

    I hadn't intended to change the amplifiers that I have in-situ, they work well with the speakers, and changing too many components can make for difficult comparisons between DACs.

    For those interested, the amplifier-speaker chain comprises of a 'tribute' AVC passive into a 300B SET, and then into TAD/JBL 3 way horns.

    Hope you can make it - do let me know, all the best :)
  11. Rosewind

    Rosewind Lost in Translation

    Thumbs up to you all! I'm looking forward to hearing about this.

    Best wishes,
  12. ItemAudio

    ItemAudio Trade: Item Audio

    We've just completed work on a new prototype digital transport, which I'll bring, too: this one promises to be more reliable than the last digital transport I brought to a bake-off.

    Talking to Audiolab tomorrow re: the 8200CDQ: should be able to bring that, along withe the Emotiva XDA1 + Wyred 4 Sound DAC2 + Calyx 24/192 DACs. But I'll only come if there's a Rega there! Go BobMaximus . . .
  13. reverendo

    reverendo pfm Member

    now it definitely sounds interesting... :)
    item... why don't you throw in a zodiac plus or gold (if it's out) just for fun. The Gold would have more or less the same features that the CDQ has, minus the CD.
  14. BobMaximus

    BobMaximus pfm Member

    Well, I'll only go if there's an Audiolab there! The problem I have is that I'll be away from home until about 1pm on Saturday 12th March, so I won't get there until about 3pm or so.

    My other thought is that I'm a Naim head: I'm not exactly sure if valves and horns will give me what I want (pr&t).

  15. bottleneck

    bottleneck pfm Member

    Hi Andy

    I can't help on the Naim front, I don't have any Naim equipment.

    Arriving at 3pm is no problem. Let me know if you can make it / can't make it - as can get Rega elsewhere (probably) if absolutely necessary.


    To all, the ''young'' Dac arrived today, resplendant in a beautiful aluminium casing, I have to say. Still getting it synched-in at the moment. Keith... you have PM :)
  16. bottleneck

    bottleneck pfm Member


    Quick summary for all so far -

    Item Audio - selection of Dacs - Emotiva, Wyred4sound, Calix (nb - dont worry about the Audiolab, Dave is bringing it (WILKY).
    Wilky - Audiolab
    NVA (yes, yes, I know RD is banned), but we have the NVA 'statement' PC coming along to be used as a transport. It has a built in DAC too.
    Guildford Audio - MF 'M1' , Heed Dac, Heed Transport
    Purite Audio - 'Young' Dac
    Bob - Rega Dac ???

    Transports generally will be -

    My laptop
    squeezebox 3
    Heed Transport
    NVA PC
    Possibly dedicated PC from Item Audio (?)

    That's definately enough ''stuff'' I reckon, we will go bonkers with swapping otherwise.

    Will answer PM's soon.,
    and write to people soon too.

    This is a bit of an epic thing to arrange, so please patience all..

    Cheers all
  17. Purité Audio

    Purité Audio Trade: Purite Audio

    Chris Hi ,glad it arrived safely, there isn't much to do ,just download the correct software for your operating system, and plug it in, there are only two buttons, the one on the left is on and off ,the one on the right selects inputs,the Young automatically selects the sample rate.
    Let me know if you have any queries,
  18. bottleneck

    bottleneck pfm Member

    guests include so far -

    PaulL (probably)
    bob ??

    Trade guests - Item/Guildford

    And me, of course :)

    To be honest, that's probably enough people for a reasonably sized place, otherwise there will be no-where to move!


    we will also have - a squeezebox 3, and a V-Dac (probably) for budget comparisons.
  19. reverendo

    reverendo pfm Member

    that sounds fantastic! thanks for all the effort. hope you guys have fun.
    it will be very informative.
    best regards
  20. Papa Lazarou

    Papa Lazarou Hello Daaaaaaave!!!!!

    Nice one. Looking forward to hearing the results.

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