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Reevaluating LP12 after Karousel

Discussion in 'audio' started by david ellwood, Oct 11, 2020.

  1. david ellwood

    david ellwood Kirabosi Kognoscente

    Just listening to Gods Comic from Elvis Costello’s Spike and it’s being etched in incredibly tangible realism.

    I swear the glockenspiel hammers can be heard moving from left to right as they’re played.

    Karousel really is a game changer and I’m wondering if any non LP12 owners have taken time to reevaluate their opinions?

    Obviously us fanbois are in raptures but really interested in the opinion of non believers.
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  2. fegs

    fegs pfm Member

    I’m not sure how a none LP12 owner could evaluate such an upgrade?
  3. Woodface

    Woodface pfm Member

    Where do you place it in context of other upgrades?
  4. david ellwood

    david ellwood Kirabosi Kognoscente

    Like the difference between Valhalla and radikal
  5. sq225917

    sq225917 Bit of this, bit of that

    Reevaluate our opinions about what, the futility of trying to chase better performance through endless expensive upgrades when more can be had for less elsewhere?
  6. david ellwood

    david ellwood Kirabosi Kognoscente

    You weren’t impressed by the massive change in sound quality at all?
  7. sq225917

    sq225917 Bit of this, bit of that

    Oh, I havent heard one, dont have an lp12, havent owned one for a decade. Last time I heard a full spec lp12 was when the Radikal came out.

    But 19k will buy you any sensible deck. Brinkmann spider, 3k cart and arm of your choice, and plenty left over for a phonostage.
  8. david ellwood

    david ellwood Kirabosi Kognoscente

    The Karousel is available with an entry level majik LP12 for about £3000 and I’d be really interested in your opinion because I think it’s really something special.
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  9. Mickdale

    Mickdale pfm Member

    yes a massive upgrade
    Miss Ariel likes this.
  10. matfff

    matfff pfm Member

    Your on a hiding to nothing with this one David! Those of us who have made the upgrade will wax lyrical as it is (and after several weeks now) continues to be a revelation. However, all the Linn haters will jump on and say ‘oh well, Linn are late to the party yet again, my nooneseverheardonep13rgx has had this since 1896’ e.t.c e.t.c
    Miss Ariel likes this.
  11. Brennus

    Brennus pfm Member

    I resisted the cirkus , but upgraded to a Tangerine sub chassis and Lingo 4, which pleases me greatly. Everyone that has heard the Karousel raves about it - must be worth £750. My next little treat.

    By the way that Brinkmann Spyder deck is really ugly. I couldn’t have that in my house.
  12. sq225917

    sq225917 Bit of this, bit of that

    I do run an lp12 bearing, subplatter and outer on my kuzma deck, full maglev will be my next mod, no point having that spindle contact if you don't need it.
  13. Mullardman

    Mullardman Moderately extreme...

    Just to be clear. I don't think that folks (like me) who have owned an LP12 and moved on, can all be fairly classified as 'Linn Haters'.

    However, in relation to endless Linn upgrades..I'm reminded of the comment made in Hi Fi World on the 10th Anniversary of the introduction of CD...

    "For something which was launched as 'perfect'.. CD hasn't half improved in ten years"
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  14. Brennus

    Brennus pfm Member

    I stopped the endless lp12 upgrade path after the Valhalla in the eighties. I was happy with the sound of the deck then, but a recent renewal of the system has resulted in electronics from RSL, Avondale,Chord, DV and Exposure. Also speakers from Kudos.

    Now for the turntable. I thought about a replacement but the advice I followed was to upgrade the lp12 rather than replace with Rega for example. Including the new Karousel this will cost me well under £3000, by buying the sub and power supply used. I think this is good vfm. I also think the lp12 looks pleasing unlike many of the alternatives some of which are down right ugly.
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  15. Olsen

    Olsen pfm Member

    Are you really interested if some people don't share your own view.?
  16. david ellwood

    david ellwood Kirabosi Kognoscente

    Many people don’t share my views, I’m just excited at what many see as a watershed moment in LP12 development. I think some people might rethink their opinions considering how much better the new bearing is and how much that impacts the fundamental nature of the sound it produces.

    Some people will obviously give opinions based on their existing prejudices without even listening.

    But for anyone interested in how good a record can sound this should be of interest to many.
    Mickdale and Miss Ariel like this.
  17. 9designs

    9designs pfm Member

    Now David you know very well some people made up their mind 20-30 years ago and nothing will change it.... ignorance is bliss.
    Perhaps the same have to change their car, phone, camera, laptop, TV, watch....... every year or two when a new model comes out, because they obviously they will all stop working if they don't!!!

    But the best one is " I sold it and bought an XYZ instead to avoid the constant upgrades" So throwing the baby out with the bath water is some how a cost save? Better to take the loss by depreciation than either leave it as it is or spend say a modest 750 on an upgrade? Makes not logical sense to me.

    I can afford to leave my LP12 as it is, I can afford occasional upgrades, but I can't justify flogging it off cheap and then dropping several grand in one go on an alternative that could compete with it.

    I think some just have an insecurity issue with not having the "best" or "latest" spec if they can't afford it, so find reason to slag it off with some old rhetoric
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  18. ex brickie

    ex brickie pfm Member

    @david ellwood I’m sure there was someone on here who had a Rega RP10 and was intrigued to hear a Karousel’d LP12. Let’s track them down for a view. I agree the bearing improvement is very significant sound quality wise
  19. sq225917

    sq225917 Bit of this, bit of that

    Any of you tried it vs a new Circus, real like for like?
    Last edited: Oct 12, 2020
    Emil_F likes this.
  20. Woodface

    Woodface pfm Member

    I am going to listen to Rega P8 at some point to see if I like it, this would be a bit of 'downgrade' in terms of investment if not necessarily SQ. If I don't like it I will probably do the Karousel upgrade as it seems a no-brainer if keeping an LP12. Plenty of options available.
    ralphj likes this.

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