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Really good integrated amps

Discussion in 'audio' started by paulfromcamden, Aug 26, 2022.

  1. paulfromcamden

    paulfromcamden Baffled


    I guess I could always put a throw over it :)


    An old McIntosh receiver might be nice though. I think Thurston Moore has one and that's enough to redeem them in my eyes. Though I already have a Fisher valve receiver stashed away...
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  2. MUTTY1

    MUTTY1 Waste of bandwidth

    You obviously haven’t had a feel of the latest Lyngdorf;)
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  3. MarkL56

    MarkL56 pfm Member

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  4. jobseeker

    jobseeker pfm Member

    Just debating if it’s worth trying to upgrade to this from my Pathos Classic One Mk III, which is already superb. I could go to the Logos 2 for much more power, but maybe going to a Inpol amp is the way to go, despite the power drop.
  5. wainwj

    wainwj pfm Member

    TT is a glorious sounding thing.
    Bloody heavy and gets particularly hot.
    Wonderful nonetheless.
    Miss mine sometimes.
  6. wainwj

    wainwj pfm Member

    PS Lyngdorf volume knob is indeed great for spinning.
    My fave though was on a SPEC Corporation integrated jobbie.
    Forget exact model but all the controls, on/off switch, input selector and volume knob were beautifully weighted.
    Sound wasn't too shabby either, seemed to gel especially well with big Tannoy speakers.
  7. Gza

    Gza pfm Member

    Ones I’ve heard recently and liked a lot
    Naim supernait 3
    Sugden a21se
    (and standard a21)
  8. Jezzer

    Jezzer Passionate

    Krell KAV400XI (so good I had two)
  9. JohnyT

    JohnyT pfm Member

    For me it would be either the:

    Technics SU-R1000 - If I wanted some digital inputs.
    Yamaha - A-S3200 - If I wanted to keep it all analogue

    I'm a sucker for black amps with VU-meters. These two would probably be the top end of what I could afford. I'm running an Yamaha A-S1200 at the moment which I bought the day it hit the UK. This year I bought a number of substantial components. This has now made the A-S1200 the weakest link when it once was the strongest :D. Come the end of the financial year I'll look to upgrade, as long as we're not living in a mud hut by then.
  10. Miss Ariel

    Miss Ariel pfm Member

    Aethos user as well.Had mine about a year now and love it.Have Magnepan 1.7 i speakers not an easy load but the Aethos drives them easily.
    Like you have an Aria and superb synergy with the Aethos.
    A mate had a Mc Intosh 252 on home dem as was seriously thinking of buying it but wanted to hear my Aethos and we did a A- B on them and he choose the Aethos..and loves it.
  11. keiron99

    keiron99 pfm Member

    It's a Technics amp, isn't it?
  12. keiron99

    keiron99 pfm Member

    What disappoints me about amps these days is the lack of facilities. Can it really be that hard (or expensive) to build an amp with tone controls, tape loops, MM/MC inputs, pre/pwr split and a basic DAC for good measure?

    I once had a "flagship" AV receiver which cost me about £100 used, down from a couple of grand in its heyday. It had everything on it. Wish I'd kept it.
    chartz likes this.
  13. paulfromcamden

    paulfromcamden Baffled

    I kind of wish I'd kept the big 70s Yamaha receiver I had years ago - looked lovely too, silver face in a wooden case. Sold it on the Wam for £50... ah well!
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  14. Dave***t

    Dave***t Revolutionary relativist

    I gather the upcoming Yamaha R-N2000a will be essentially an A-S1200 with added digital.

    I think my A-S2200 is great, but if the chance arises might consider an R-N2000a eventually to simplify things, make it easy to run the TV through etc.
  15. hifinutt

    hifinutt hifinutt

  16. Gervais Cote

    Gervais Cote Predator

    I'm not surprised the Rega beats the McIntosh on a A-B test. This to me proves you listen with your ears, not your eyes.
  17. Beobloke

    Beobloke pfm Member

    gavreid likes this.
  18. stephen_cowslip

    stephen_cowslip pfm Member

    Sorry I meant to say Panasonic (who owns Technics). I purchased the unit from their eBay outlet.
  19. paulfromcamden

    paulfromcamden Baffled

  20. gryphongryph

    gryphongryph pfm Member

    Norma Revo 140
    Moonriver 404
    Luxman 590ii
    Accuphase any model
    Moon has some nice amps.
    A lot out there
    Ohh Copland has some great intergrated amps too.

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