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Quad 66 CD with intermittent display? Fixes?

Discussion in 'classic' started by SimonEverest, Mar 6, 2014.

  1. SimonEverest

    SimonEverest New Member

    Hi there,

    This seemed like a really good place to seek a solution to an annoying problem I'm having with my Dad's old Quad 66 CD player.

    For ages, the display has worked only occasionally. When it's on, it's perfect, clear, no missing pixels, all information working fine. When it's not, it's completely blank. There's no obvious pattern to it. There's clearly *something* getting to it all the time, as I can see that it's 'active' when the player is switched on (by which I mean that in a dark room, you can detect a bit of a glow from the screen, but nothing more).

    Any suggestions would be gratefully received. It's a good player, but the absence of a display is annoying.

    Thanks (from a pink fish newbie),
  2. Dowser

    Dowser Learning to bodge again..

    A dry solder joint somewhere? If you tap the display when off, any flickers?
  3. rhgbristol

    rhgbristol pfm Member

    Knackered electrolytic caps on any display circuitry??
  4. Newboy

    Newboy pfm Member

    I had exactly this problem with my 66 CD & also with the 66 amp some year ago. I sent them back to Quad and they repaired in double quick time. I seem to remember they replaced the displays. It is worth doing IMHO as it is a good player.

  5. cliddell

    cliddell Demented Member

    It's a very good player, in my experience. But the display is a weak spot, and renouned for conking out.

    When I spoke to Quad, the only solution they offered was replacement of the display. I'm given to understand it is weakness in the (bought in) display component itself, unfortunately.

    Both my father and I have 66 CD players, both our displays went. Dad's display was replaced when he had the player serviced, and the display lasted a few years, then died again.
  6. SimonEverest

    SimonEverest New Member

    That's really helpful, thanks all.

    Can you remember how much the replacement display cost? I think there's a flat rate £45+vat charge, but presume that parts are on top of that.

  7. cliddell

    cliddell Demented Member

    Sorry, it's been ages since I asked about, I can't remember the price.

    Although, my Dad has just sent his 66 into Quad for a service, so I find out when he gets the invoice for that.

    TBH, I'd suspect the problem now will be availability of spare units....

  8. pqpq

    pqpq pfm Member

    I have a 66 too, and it is a very nice sounding CD player. The display on mine died years ago but I've never been annoyed by it enough to sort it out.

    I did however have a new transport fitted maybe 9 years ago. Back then it was extremely difficult to source, and I imagine would now be impossible - so is it really worth spending much on a player which will eventually die terminally?
  9. cliddell

    cliddell Demented Member

    So, I spoke to my father, and he hasn't had the final tally yet from Quad, but he has spoken one of the service staff at Quad, and......

    Well, apparently, (and this is the first I've heard of it, and I can't check it) there is actually a bulb that does the display backlighting, and it's the bulb that is usually the culprit for the erratic and unreliable display.

    Possibly one of the guys with easy access to their 66 player can pop the case open, and confirm (or deny) the above..... If it's there, and is reasonably accessible, it could be a cheap fix for many/most faulty displays.

  10. Zombie

    Zombie pfm Member

    Turn it upside down and it is upgraded to a 99 CDP
  11. cliddell

    cliddell Demented Member

    Fixed ;)

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