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Quad 606 preamp recommendations?

Discussion in 'classic' started by VanDerGraaf, May 30, 2021.

  1. Zombie

    Zombie pfm Member

    I'm beginning to share your emotions about the 34 and the Quad sound (I have a UK made 909). I bought an Artera Pre some time ago, but I'm thinking about going back to the Elite pre. Although the Artera is brilliant it sometimes irritates me, it feels "edgy". A mate said: So, you're into hifi now, not the soft and mellow sound you had before...
  2. nicetone

    nicetone pfm Member

    Interesting observations about the Artera pre.

    I’ve been mulling over a possible downsize in the not too distant future with that as one potential option. Remote control an essential, so ruling out a 34/44 based set-up.

    Do you mind me asking which speakers you use with your Artera/909? Also what types of music you were judging it to be ‘edgy’ with? I listen to mostly acoustic - classical, jazz, folk, world.


    (Edit: A further thought, could the Artera pre not be 'warmed up' made less 'edgy' by the use of its tone controls and tilt, or does that not give the desired effect?)
  3. John_73

    John_73 pfm Member

    No problems with any edginess with a Quad Artera Pre here. In fact I remain absolutely delighted with it. A modern classic that in typical Quad style has largely flown under the radar. Superb phono stage (and I was used to a World Desogns Phono 3 before this) and headphone amp too. I cannot hear any difference whatsoever between it and my DCB1 (Khozmo based passive/buffer), it’s effectively transparent. By direct comparison, the 34 is a tad ‘warmer’ (less resolving) though, which I can see people preferring particularly with modern ‘mastering’ preferences.
  4. Zombie

    Zombie pfm Member

    I have ESL-988s. I use -2 to -3 on the tilt. With the Elite I played music hours on end at high volume (with -1 tilt), with the Artera I decrase the volume after some time.
    Maybe the Artera reveals more of not so good FLAC rips and/or brick wall "remastering", but I think I'll stick with it until I relocate later next year.
  5. peter wood

    peter wood pfm Member

    I have a shunt khozmo 15k with remote really excellent with a higher sensitivity power amp.

    I’d sell it for £400 inc postage
  6. peter wood

    peter wood pfm Member

    If you PM me I’ll send photos as I am still learning how to on this website.
  7. donmarrese

    donmarrese Member

    Try a Croft Super Micro pre...had mine for ages, and really works well with any solid state amp I throw at it. Will warm up your 606 no end!

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