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Power cuts (Yanks) records, Manchester

Discussion in 'music' started by Gerard124, Sep 6, 2003.

  1. Paul Mc

    Paul Mc pfm Member


    I did go to see Yes in 2003 at the MEN.
  2. Gerard124

    Gerard124 Not my King

    How did it go?
  3. Gerard124

    Gerard124 Not my King

    And it's reborn again!
  4. Big G

    Big G New Member

    Great to read this thread and bring back plenty of memories of my vinyl purchases in my formative years.
    Used to get armfuls of classic rock albums at 99p each or less and would get a free bag of peanut M&Ms with every purchase during the sales.

    I can well recall the competition they had to rename the shop. I think I suggested 'Bargain Basement' or something, but whoever came up with the infinitely better 'Power Cuts' was a worthy winner of free albums for their creative troubles.

    Shame to report it's now a Bannatyne's gym, owned by its namesake, the Scottish chap from TV's 'Dragon's Den'.
  5. Gerard124

    Gerard124 Not my King

    Back from the dead it’s a monster, reborn again!
  6. lordsummit

    lordsummit Moderator

    I thought for a minute you meant Power Cuts was back.
  7. Gerard124

    Gerard124 Not my King

    Sorry, those days are long gone (weren’t they great!)
  8. Ducatiist

    Ducatiist pfm Member

  9. Dave Cattlin

    Dave Cattlin pfm Member

    I actually thought that some of the US pressings were better

    And the sleeve art was often interesting too

    Still have my copy of Styx Cornerstone which opens at the back

    Bostock's on the other hand was dreadful

    Greek imports anyone?

  10. Tony L

    Tony L Administrator

    As a rule of thumb you want the first pressing from country of origin, e.g. if it is an American artist you want the 1st US issue and so on. This tends to be the cut the band or someone very close to them has approved.
  11. Colonel_Mad

    Colonel_Mad pfm Member

    Thanks for the memories guys!! Powercuts was the mutts nuts in the late 80s early 90s. The sales were indeed legendary.

    Remember the CDs in large long cardboard outers? I guess they were from the US but I remember them well with the old hacksaw cut in the corner. I always regretted throwing them away when I took the CD out.

    Didn't Morrissey used to work there? Legend said so when I was at Manchester Uni although it could have been a myth. I'm sure there was some story about David Bowie and Powercuts that I once heard too (seen shopping there?). Sadly my memory doesn't remember that far back very well these days.

    Britton's Protection and Peveril of the Peak are indeed still there. Tommy Ducks the old black and white pub nearby though has gone. Knocked down without so much as an announcement in 1990ish whilst the last few punters for the evening were leaving. Never understood why there was a knicker display on the ceiling. Now a car park.

  12. needy1961

    needy1961 New Member

    Used to work here and related to owners, can tell you anything you want about it. Morrissey did indeed briefly work here [ looking for a job and then i found a job ] Many illustrious visitors. Bowie was clueless as to the music scene [Mr cocaine] and we sold him some AOR crap much to our amusement.Oasis, Soul2Soul, Stone Roses, Noddy Holder, Hawkwind and many other artists used to sneak in for a browse of the imports we specialised in, happy days
  13. springer

    springer pfm Member

    Bloody hell - memories time! I blew most of my student grant (and lectures) in there - 1984-88. Lots of European pressings of stuff with the cutout sleeves. To steal from Giles Smith's 'Lost In Music', they hadn't so much been 'pressed', as rubbed lightly against a full-price copy! All my Keith Jarrett and Pay Metheny ECM stuff came from there. Loads of great soul as well - Garnet Mimms hidden rarities as I recall. Oh for a shop like that now.....
  14. Gerard124

    Gerard124 Not my King

    Hi, good to hear from you!

    When did Bowie pop in?

    What year did Yanks close?

    Do you have any photos of Yanks back in the day?


  15. Paul Mc

    Paul Mc pfm Member

    I still have my copy of Pat Metheny's Secret Story from Power. Cuts. Goes for a small fortune now.
  16. jazz8588

    jazz8588 Active Member

    I bought the bulk of my heavy metal from this shop. Used to go every Saturday. A lot of US remaindered stock (you know, with the holes punched in). Also got a Flash (with Peter Banks) lp that was second hand. Don't know how that got in there. Got quite a few of those 29p albums as well. Happy days when I used to come home from Manchester with a few lp's and a copy of this weeks Kerrang!
  17. jazz8588

    jazz8588 Active Member

    Just read this thread after my last post! Great to hear from the guys that used to work there. Good memories. Still got most of that vinyl. The metal stuff on lp from that era sounds great - well mastered.
  18. julesd68

    julesd68 pfm Member

    I remember buying heavy metal lp's at Yanks back in the early 80's ...

    In mid 80's I used to frequent a record shop called Spin Inn which was on Market Street as I remember - used to go there for the hip hop / electro / soul US imports ... Great shop, happy days.
  19. Gerard124

    Gerard124 Not my King

    I bought a few Pat Metheny LPs in there - pretty sure they were American Garage, Offramp & First Circle.

    Who remembers the awful tall American cardboard CD packaging (with jewel case inside)?
  20. Gerard124

    Gerard124 Not my King

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