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[FS] Porsche 996 Turbo Triptronic S

Discussion in 'classifieds' started by Space is the Place, Aug 19, 2020.

  1. MichaelC

    MichaelC pfm Member

    Beautiful looking car.

    Gut feel, it needs to be priced in the forties. Also, there needs to be a ready explanation for the service gap in terms of the recent years.
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  2. Tigerjones

    Tigerjones Bagpuss

    And does it have cup holders? The fancy ones that spring out from the dash board?
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  3. Tim F

    Tim F pfm Member

    I have a manual. For sensible money these can be upgraded to big power. Mine is downright scary. Very capable chassis. The engines were out of a race car and feature a dry sump to name some of the advanced features. They can take at least 600bhp without need for modification.

    I get his price, if it’s concours quality and 40k miles it’ll be worth more. Also an x50. Shame it’s not a manual as that will drop the price on the 996.

    Insurance on my high power one is around £700
    Fretbuzz likes this.
  4. alcarmichael

    alcarmichael pfm Member

    What power are you running Tim? I’m at ballpark 500bhp and I have no need to take it any further. For a road car (only one track day and I probably won’t do any more in it) it is more than enough power!
  5. Tim F

    Tim F pfm Member

    600 at least. I’ve not had it on a rolling rode. It is utterly mental. I had serious issues with it and rebuilt it with loads of mods.
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  6. Jonn

    Jonn Tons of Trouble

    Looking at the pictures, is he going to use the money to do up his house? :)
    Darren likes this.
  7. Space is the Place

    Space is the Place pfm Member

    Thanks Tim, yes the car is immaculate and i suppose the price reflects that, i've been to see vehicles that owners have described as immaculate only to find we have a different idea of what immaculate means!

    I thought it was fairly impressive for a car, i followed him back after the photos and my car is alright in the corners, but as soon as we exited a turn, or on a bit of strait, even short shifting the Porsche was a dot in the distance, 600 bhp must be amusing!

    The road actually leads to a runway! That's a Mayan Temple top right in the first picture ;)
  8. firestorm

    firestorm pfm Member

    I'd advertise it on
    A few observations
    • Looks great in the photos
    • The price is on the high side, for a quicker sale, around the £45-47K, you have 997 turbos starting in the high 40s.
    • The service gaps would worry me
    • The tiptronic, a Mercedes unit suits the turbo motor, though many prefer the manual
    • They can be programmed to shift faster, especially when you swap to AMG actuators
  9. Tigerjones

    Tigerjones Bagpuss

    When I’m rich (looking doubtful) I’d buy a 993 Turbo in ‘Speed Yellow’. When I’m really, really obscenely rich (looking incredibly doubtful) I’d buy a 993 GT2. That’s a proper car.
    AnilS likes this.
  10. AnilS

    AnilS pfm Member

    993 turbo in Arena Red thank you very much. :)

    A few idle days and research.

    Price is top heavy.
    Tiptronic gearbox generally unloved.
    Service history not solid.
    997, even C4S in range and just as capable. With the bonus of not having the Fisher Price interior. (Pistonheads to blame for the last sentence).

    I've driven a manual 996 turbo and it was nice, but not great. Made the mistake of then trying a 997 turbo. In a completely different class but also price.

    As mentioned previously, I bought a warrantied Nissan GTR for less and only servicing costs. I get the feeling the Porsche at this age will be ruinous.

    Sorry OP.
  11. Darren

    Darren All Business

    Ah well, every tin pot expert has had a go now. I wonder how you would feel if this was your sales thread? Bet that little sorry/not sorry at the end wouldn't quite cut it.
  12. Tim F

    Tim F pfm Member

    Why are you spoiling someones sale?

    997, even C4S in range, and just as capable.

    Don't make me laugh, how good do you think the C4S engine is? The turbo can be built to run over 1000bhp.
  13. AnilS

    AnilS pfm Member

    Apologies Darren you feel like that.

    It was an attempt to "real world" the price.

    Obviously hasn't helped.

    Good luck with the sale OP.
  14. AnilS

    AnilS pfm Member

    By capable, meaning for everyday motoring.

    Not everyone wants 1000bhp.

    I've had powerful and made them more powerful. Then realising it was not for me, or the road.

    I'm sure the Porsche will sell. Just needs the right customer.
  15. david ellwood

    david ellwood Kirabosi Kognoscente

    I’d certainly not threadcrap on a PFM members sale, which this is absolutely not. The op has nothing to sell, it’s his friend who isn’t a member and has no right to advertise on this site whatsoever. I have no problems with a member vouching for his friends sale but I also have no problem commenting on how over priced it is.
    AnilS and Tigerjones like this.

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