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[Poll] Music: Rent or Buy? (2018)

Discussion in 'audio' started by Whaleblue, Jan 13, 2018.


As a basic approach - Rent or Buy your music?

Poll closed Jan 27, 2018.
  1. I primarily use subscription services - Rent

  2. I still mostly purchase CDs, LPs etc. - Buy

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  1. WillietheSquid

    WillietheSquid pfm Member

    I buy.

    No streaming / rent. Can’t imagine finding time to listen ... and, SQ is quite important to me.

    I have a substantial LP library that I’d like to reduce by 75% to save space. The 25% I’d keep would be esoteric / expensive to find on CD ... or never published in CD format. I still enjoy the spinning of LPs, but it’s nostalgia ... good sound, but not consistently great / amazing as ripped from CD and played back through computer.

    I have several thousand CDs ... about 60% ripped to lossless on iTunes. I’ve donated about 1/2 of the ripped CDs to the library ... save space at home. The other half I don’t want to give up ... and visually scanning them is faster and more powerful than any computer search protocol.

    Playback the redbook downloads through Pure Music, into a Wavelength Crimson DAC for the main system; or a Wavelength Cosecant DAC for the second system.

    Most of my onesies / twosies buys are pop / Jazz / or fill-ins from an important but not commercially influential artist. Example: John Fahey: I had the Rhino 2 CD compilation, and two LPs from back in the day ... and last month became interested in greater depth of catelog ... and so searched out and bought five or six various John Fahey CDs, all used.

    I’m going to ‘trust’ that Fahey sound recordings will be available by streaming in the future? Or that his steel string guitar sound will ‘come through’ in a streaming format?

    The biggest motivator, though, for new CD buys are the astonishing classical box sets from Decca, Philips, DG, Sony, WB, etc. often extremely well remastered, 50 great CD box set for maybe $100 ... great performances, great musicians, own the CDs, often nice books with info in very small print (to fit in my small head) ...

    I can’t stop.

    The major record companies will stop publishing physical media in the not so distant future ... and these sound recording copyrights will not be so easily found / accessible / quality in the future.

  2. Lowand

    Lowand Don't tell the humans

  3. amigaone

    amigaone pfm Member

    I rent to audition and buy if I like... what better way to legally discover new music in a cost effective way.

    Once I've decided, I'll then research the best available source / format for the release in question.
    Jono_13 and darrenyeats like this.
  4. Speedypro

    Speedypro Well-Known Member

    Might as well join in ...
    I’m buying CD albums but only pre owned
    In fact I picked up 4 this morning for the grand sum of £3.50 “carboot”
  5. PinkFroyd

    PinkFroyd Member

    Ditto that. As I mostly stream lossless, I now am starting to use eBay. As low as £2. RIP, store. Some stuff is not available on streaming. And I don’t need internet to listen and not many full cd quality streamers I can find.
  6. Dozey

    Dozey Air guitar member

    Both. As times go by I rent more than buy. But I do have about 2000 CDs and 1500 LPs. No point buying a CD if I can listen to it on Tidal lossless. I will buy the LP if I really like the music or I really like the cover art.
  7. ljubisa

    ljubisa Member

    I rent mostly because of the convenience. But if I really like something I will go ahead and purchase it, just to support the artist. I find myself buying mostly low key, not widely popular artists more than mainstream ones.
  8. uniQ

    uniQ New Member

    Stream. Previously I couldn't imagine paying for a service I wouldn't own the music but have been completely converted. The amount of new music I've discovered as well through the automatically curated playlists has been great too.
    Tony Hendrix likes this.
  9. eddieedwards

    eddieedwards pfm Member


    Selling my 401 and buying a streamer and tidal subscription has been a revelation for me. I’ve discovered so much new stuff, no longer trapped by what I know I like for fear of wasting £20 on a new artist I “might” like.
  10. treeswampy

    treeswampy pfm Member

    Buy renting Vinyl is difficult.
    deserter likes this.
  11. b36lbx

    b36lbx pfm Member

    Combination of the two works great for me, in close procentage too.
  12. davidsrsb

    davidsrsb pfm Member

    The very obvious watermarking, even on HiRes streaming has not gone away. This is especially annoying in some DG classical.
  13. Sergey72vw

    Sergey72vw Active Member

    Pink Floyd!
  14. MasterTape

    MasterTape pfm Member

    Buying. Mainly used CD's since I tend to explore backwards in time rather than contemporary stuff. But I never spin them, I rip them to hard drive and put them away.
  15. George J

    George J Herefordshire member

    After now 48 years of collecting LPs and later CDs, my library is complete. It would not matter if I never bought another CD. With 33 days of music [end to end] or about 700 CDs transferred, I am never stuck for a choice in my iTunes search engine.

    The idea of renting a listen is crazy for me given that Radio Three can still provide a surprising great pleasure.
    Tony Hendrix, Jono_13 and Still like this.
  16. Tony Hendrix

    Tony Hendrix Fall mountains,just don't fall on me.

    Totally agree,some of the stuff I find on Spotify or Amazon is incredible and as much as I'd prefer buying,it sometimes bugs me that I sold my old singles,many rarities too,some Beatles ep's I bought in Tijuana,Layla,a different piano version from Clapton,and used to own around 2k....then I got married.
  17. Tony Hendrix

    Tony Hendrix Fall mountains,just don't fall on me.

  18. Juancho

    Juancho pfm Member

    I agree 'I rent to audition and buy if I like... what better way to legally discover new music in a cost effective way.'
  19. DavetheBass

    DavetheBass Active Member

    Buy....mainly used cd's.
  20. Marchbanks

    Marchbanks Hat and Beard member

    Has anyone seen Dave the Bass since he swam near Whaleblue’s thread? I know it would have been by accident rather than design, but it’s worrying nonetheless...
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