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PLEASE READ: Classified advertisement guidelines / 50 Post Rule

Discussion in 'classifieds' started by Tony L, May 10, 2011.

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  1. Tony L

    Tony L Administrator

    Copied from site FAQ / AUP.

    pfm has proven itself to be a most trustworthy and honest community over the years with countless thousands of successful transactions, but as ever with internet commerce caution is advised, especially when it comes to confirming a person’s identity and physical address prior to sending any payment. When buying goods from a private individual there is inevitably less legal protection than buying from a professional trader. The principle of caveat emptor, or ‘buyer beware’, operates. It is recommended that, wherever possible, a buyer collects and inspects an item before parting with any money.

    Please be very aware that scammers and fraudsters operate in all areas of internet commerce these days and that internet forums are no exception. Sadly, the only way to detect such people from a forum administration perspective is after the fact, i.e. after someone has lost either money or goods. As such it is strongly recommended that pfm members approach all transactions with exceptional caution. Check and double check everything. Do not send money unless you know exactly who it is you are sending it to and where they live. Do not ship anything unless you are absolutely certain you have received the payment in full and with no caveats. Do not accept email confirmation that may appear to originate from sites such as PayPal as proof of payment (it may be a spoof mail), always ensure the money is safely in your account. Please consider every eventuality and protect yourself at every stage.

    The pfm member classifieds are provided as a free service to our members, any transactions are entered into entirely at the member’s own risk.

    There is a limit of five items per month for music sales, i.e. records and CDs. pfm is in business as a second hand record shop so can’t be expected to provide free advertising to competing sellers in this area.

    New members require 50 or more posts and to have been a member of the site for 90 days before they can post an advertisement thread in this area.

    Posts made in this area (e.g. replying to the posts of others) do not count towards this number, i.e. a new member needs to contribute to the main discussion areas of pfm if they wish to sell stuff here. New members can see adverts and may reply to them / contact the poster via PM so they are not excluded from buying. This rule exists to ensure the site does not become an easy target for scammers or other opportunists - this is a service provided for established community members.
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