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Pickwell Audio Thorens TD124 motor decoupling springs

Discussion in 'trade discussion' started by Mike P, Apr 22, 2022.

  1. Mike P

    Mike P Trade: Pickwell Audio

    Copied over from the Trade Announcements thread, so that people can respond with their own posts.

    Hot off the spring winding machine, here are my new Thorens TD124 motor decoupling springs.:)

    This is of course not a new idea and the vibration isolation benefits of springs over the standard rubber grommets is well proven.

    My springs are custom wound in Yorkshire to my specification. They are stainless steel and have closed and ground ends.

    Thanks to the flat ground ends my springs naturally sit vertically and no alignment of the springs is necessary.

    Please note that these springs are only suitable for the longer motor rods used on the TD124 mk2. If you have a mk1 with shorter rods you will need to convert to the long rods before fitting the springs (conversion kits are available from Hanze HiFi).

    Fitting the springs takes moments and you can simply reuse the standard E-clips and washers.

    They're priced at £25 for a set of three, plus £1.05 for 2nd class UK mainland postage.

    [​IMG]3x springs by Michael Pickwell, on Flickr

    [​IMG]E50 motor springs fitted by Michael Pickwell, on Flickr
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  2. Mike P

    Mike P Trade: Pickwell Audio

    Anyone fancy trying these?
  3. Rosewind

    Rosewind Lost in Translation

    In due time ... :D
  4. Rexton

    Rexton Wakefield Turntables

    What about something for the Thorens TD160?
  5. Mike P

    Mike P Trade: Pickwell Audio

    I do a belt.
  6. Rexton

    Rexton Wakefield Turntables

    Yep, seen that and read the thread. I'll be comparing your belt against NOS Thorens. I already dismissed Thakker. :D
  7. Mike P

    Mike P Trade: Pickwell Audio


    Not a single order for these so far and I had 600 sets made! :eek:

    I assume everyone here already have the Hanze springs?
  8. Rosewind

    Rosewind Lost in Translation

    Or are not sure if they are able to fit them.
  9. Mike P

    Mike P Trade: Pickwell Audio

    You need the longer motor support rods as fitted to the mk2 (the ones originally fitted with two rubber grommets).

    If you have a mk1 with the short rods (single rubber grommet) you will first need to swap the rods to the longer mk2 type. Audio Silente sell a conversion kit.
  10. montesquieu

    montesquieu pfm Member

    I have the Hanze ones but the are dead easy to fit. Having had very positive experiences with Mike's belts on my TD124 and TD160, I would recommend these to anyone keen to give them a try. Significantly lower mechanical noise.
  11. Nagraboy

    Nagraboy Ausculta fili

    I got the Hanze springs early this year and fitted them, but I couldn’t use the C clips they provided as they were so thick that I couldn’t see any way to attach them to the shafts as the shafts are quite a bit wider than the clips which don’t really flex at all. Thinking about it now, maybe I could’ve used a hammer whilst carefully holding them in place. I had to reuse the old Thorens clips because they were thinner and so would flex a little allowing fitting. Not sure what the correct way is to fit the newer thick clips tbh. I’m sure Mike’s springs would be easier to fit.
  12. Mike P

    Mike P Trade: Pickwell Audio

    I don't supply new clips and washers. Just reuse the originals.

    The springs are very easy to fit. It shouldn't take more than 5 minutes.
    Nagraboy likes this.

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