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Pick-up truck for Ukraine

Discussion in 'charity' started by es.klopfte, Jun 23, 2022.

  1. es.klopfte

    es.klopfte pfm Member

    Hi all,

    I'll be travelling to eastern Ukraine in early July and I would like to bring something much needed by the civilian volunteers in my home city: a pickup truck.

    I'm told that it is realistic to source one in reasonable condition on the UK used car market for £3,000, so this is my goal.

    If we raise this amount, I'll drive the vehicle from the UK to Zaporizhzhia myself, where I will hand it to Galina Goncharenko - the local volunteer we have helped in the past.

    Russian troops are currently 35-40 km away from Zaporizhzhia.

    I'm very sorry to pester you for money again, but this is important. Quite literally, it is a matter of life and death.

    Here's the link to my fundraising page:

    Many thanks for your kindness and generosity.


    P.S. If you want to find out more about who I am, drop me a line or Google "Vitaliy Shevchenko"
  2. Snufkin

    Snufkin pfm Member

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  3. Richard Lines

    Richard Lines pfm Member

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  4. paulfromcamden

    paulfromcamden Baffled

    Done. Apologies that again it's only a modest donation. Best of luck.
    es.klopfte likes this.
  5. es.klopfte

    es.klopfte pfm Member

    We're almost halfway there! You're amazing, guys!!! Many, many thanks!
  6. martin clark

    martin clark pinko bodger


    You, and the people of the Ukraine you assist.. are more-than welcome. In all senses.

    es.klopfte likes this.
  7. es.klopfte

    es.klopfte pfm Member

    Sitrep: we're more than two-thirds of the way there thanks to your kind contributions! Please feel free to share, as we need another £850 to fund a pick-up truck... Many thanks to you all for your contributions!
  8. myles

    myles Intentionally left blank

    Done ...keep up the fantastic work!
  9. Rosewind

    Rosewind Lost in Translation

    Done! Cheers!
  10. hifinutt

    hifinutt hifinutt

    amen to that 100%

    Amber Audio likes this.
  11. Amber Audio

    Amber Audio This is the Day

  12. es.klopfte

    es.klopfte pfm Member

    Thanks, guys! £500 to go! We’re almost there!
    myles likes this.
  13. es.klopfte

    es.klopfte pfm Member

    Amazing! We're on the home stretch - £260 to go (it's not showing on the page because some have transferred money directly into my account)!
    Amber Audio likes this.
  14. Amber Audio

    Amber Audio This is the Day

    Hopefully you’ll find a car dealer sympathetic to the cause, maybe put a new post up asking for advice sourcing a truck, seems to be a few petrolheads on pfm or maybe you already have it covered. ATB anyway and safe journey.
  15. Ward

    Ward pfm Member

    Another small step on the way Vitaliy; Safe journey.
    es.klopfte likes this.
  16. es.klopfte

    es.klopfte pfm Member

    Thank you! We're almost there! One final push...
  17. es.klopfte

    es.klopfte pfm Member

    WE'VE DONE IT! Many thanks, everyone - we've collected the £3,000 we need! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Your kindness and generosity are truly humbling.

    Now the plan is to bid for this Nissan:

    Unless someone is aware of a similar vehicle available for purchase for similar money?

    Once I have the truck, the plan is to have it properly inspected at a garage and then set off for Zaporizhzhia in eastern Ukraine next week. Donations for fuel gratefully received using the same link:

    Many thanks again for making this happen.

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