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Photography Book Recommendation - #sharemondays2019

Discussion in 'photo' started by Lefty, May 14, 2020.

  1. Lefty

    Lefty Trade: Amar Sood Photo

    Since joining Twitter back 2016, I have been taking part in various weekly Twitter photography competitions. The best of these (IMHO) is the weekly #sharemondays competition.

    The premise is simple: you enter an image taken during the previous 7 days under the hashtag (#sharemondays2019 for last year). The winner from the previous week is the judge for the current week and then the baton gets passed on. At the end of the year, the organiser of the competition (Dylan Nardini - an insanely talented Scottish landscape photographer) compiles the images into a book which is then available to buy.

    This year, Dylan has stepped it up a notch and the book is now available to buy on Amazon. Not only that, but the foreward to the book is written by none other than the illustrious Mark Littlejohn, formerly of this parish and winner of Landscape Photographer of the Year 2014.

    The price is also extremely reasonable £5.22

    I highly recommend you check it out. Here's the blurb:
    Here's the amazon link for those interested in purchasing a copy of the book:

    I was lucky enough to get 4 images into the book the book last year so look forward to seeing them in print :)

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  2. Lefty

    Lefty Trade: Amar Sood Photo

  3. Lefty

    Lefty Trade: Amar Sood Photo

    My copy arrived :) :)

    Here are the 4 images I managed to sneak into the book.




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  4. John Barry

    John Barry pfm Member

    I've just had a couple of these delivered today, one to keep & one to give away

    What a great project, well put together and very good value. Congratulations Amar on your entries
    Lefty likes this.
  5. Lefty

    Lefty Trade: Amar Sood Photo

    That's fantastic! Glad you like it John.

    It's a great initiative and one which I'm glad to have participated in :)

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