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[FS] Philips 22AH380 Black Tulip Power Amplifier (DC380)

Discussion in 'classifieds' started by julesd68, Nov 1, 2019.

  1. julesd68

    julesd68 pfm Member

    Philips 22AH380 / DC380 ‘Black Tulip’ Power Amplifier

    Many of you will already know about the reputation of the iconic Philips Black Tulip range, but for those who don't, it's where Philips' best 'audiophile' designs ended up.

    This is the bigger and better of the two power amps that were made and has performed flawlessly for me, producing a big, bold sound with plenty of grip in the bass.

    It has two big illuminated VU meters, variable output, speaker switching and warning lights for excess heat and DC.

    It is 220v with a captive mains cable & European 2-pin plug, on which I have put a UK adapter.
    I will include the four speaker terminal adapters for easier cable connection.

    This amp is in timewarp physical condition as per photos, including the groovy ‘block diagram’ graphic - I would rate it 9/10.

    Power - 100 W at 8 ohms, 180W at 4 ohms
    Input Sensitivity - 1 V
    Weight - 11.5kg
    Dimensions - 482 X 111 X 340 mm

    At this stage I am only offering collection from Highgate, London N6, as I don’t have suitable packing.

    cash on collection or ppl gift please.







  2. julesd68

    julesd68 pfm Member

    Superb power amp in beautiful condition.

    I would have happily paid more for it when I bought it for this kind of performance!
  3. julesd68

    julesd68 pfm Member

    Now on eBay but will sell here for 300.
  4. Dom500

    Dom500 New Member

    Can I ask where you got those speaker jack adapter things? I need some!
    Thanks, good luck with the sale!

  5. julesd68

    julesd68 pfm Member

  6. julesd68

    julesd68 pfm Member

    I will be in Manchester for next week and could bring this with me for anyone who wants to collect.

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