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pfm Picture A Week (PAW) 2020

Discussion in 'photo' started by Gromit, Jan 1, 2020.

  1. mentalp

    mentalp pfm Member

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  2. martin clark

    martin clark pinko bodger


    One from the weekend: StevieD of this parish has a look at a new sports car.

    (NB. next time this very steering wheel is used, it'll be in pursuit of 1000mph...)
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  3. ff1d1l

    ff1d1l pfm Member

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  4. Mr Perceptive

    Mr Perceptive Perceptive Member

    Fantastic! Can't wait for this bl**dy ankle to heal........
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  5. ian123running

    ian123running pfm Member

  6. eternumviti

    eternumviti Bloviating Brexiter

  7. eternumviti

    eternumviti Bloviating Brexiter

    Absolutely outstanding. It would have been an excellent entry in the recent 'scale' competition. You certainly get a sense of it, and vertigo!
  8. mentalp

    mentalp pfm Member

    Delta 400 in Xtol1+1
  9. eternumviti

    eternumviti Bloviating Brexiter

    There was an article about the Orford Ness lighthouse in The Times yesterday. Could be days, or a few weeks. The sea is already chewing at the foundations.
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  10. Tony Lockhart

    Tony Lockhart pfm Member

    The owners have known it’ll happen since they bought it in 2013 (?), and, although it’ll be very sad indeed, I’ve made the most of the old girl over the last two years.

    For anyone who’s interested... I’m doing one of these trips on Sunday 26th April.


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  11. eternumviti

    eternumviti Bloviating Brexiter

    I believe that he had intended to take it down and rebuild it further inland, but the costs and the relevant permissions were too onerous. The beacon section on top weighs 13 tonnes.
  12. Tony Lockhart

    Tony Lockhart pfm Member

    Yes, and the damage to the land to, from and around the lighthouse would be unacceptable. It’s an SSSI, NNR and a wonderful place. I’ll have to find some other interesting lighthouses!
  13. eternumviti

    eternumviti Bloviating Brexiter

    The one at Happisburgh, which is very similar, 1790, has got a few years left, and it's very photogenic. It too will go eventually.
  14. Tony Lockhart

    Tony Lockhart pfm Member

    Just feels like a long and painful drive, especially to arrive before sunrise. I’d have to leave at least two hours before sunrise, and would then have a two hour drive home via a busy Naaarich and the dreaded A140 :(

    I might have to venture to Mistley and Harwich soon.
  15. eternumviti

    eternumviti Bloviating Brexiter

    You must be Ipswichish for work. Crazy how long anything takes once you need to get past Norwich.
  16. Tony Lockhart

    Tony Lockhart pfm Member

    I’m about four miles south west of Stowmarket. Takes me 15 minutes to get to the bottom of the A140, and then it’s a cross of fingers for the traffic.
  17. Lefty

    Lefty Trade: Amar Sood Photo

    That is incredibly sad news :(

    Depending on how school holidays fall, the 26th of April could be do-able. I'll have a chat with my wife and let you know. Thanks for the heads-up. Much appreciated Tony.

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  18. Lefty

    Lefty Trade: Amar Sood Photo

    Keeping with the seaside theme - here's one from the archives which I've only just got round to processing. Taken on a family holiday to Pembrokeshire last summer:


    Beach Blues by Amar Sood, on Flickr

    Nikon Z7 / Tamron 17-35mm f2.8-4

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  19. Tony Lockhart

    Tony Lockhart pfm Member

    Watch tower in trees

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  20. Tony Lockhart

    Tony Lockhart pfm Member

    Door to ‘hutch’ where the fissile material would be stored

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