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pfm Picture A Week (PAW) 2019 part I

Discussion in 'photo' started by Gromit, Jan 1, 2019.

  1. Simon Dawson

    Simon Dawson Angry, Ill & Ugly

    More than likely electrical cables in/out of the junction box or pull pit and the values will the cable depths below surface as measured by GPR (ground penetrating radar).
  2. Lefty

    Lefty Trade: Amar Sood Photo

    The snowdrops are out!


    Snowdrop by Amar Sood, on Flickr

    Sony A7rII / Sony 90mm f2.8 Macro

    Last edited: Jan 13, 2019
  3. user510

    user510 pfm Member


  4. SteveG

    SteveG pfm Member

    Playing about with a cheap Tokina wide angle zoom on the K1 my way back from a meeting yesterday:
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  5. Rico

    Rico Bloody Colonials

    that's a funny looking Astra, Steve? ;)
  6. Lefty

    Lefty Trade: Amar Sood Photo

    A previously un-shared image. Taken in 2017, when we actually had cold weather!


    Minus Two by Amar Sood, on Flickr

    Nikon D800E / Tokina 100mm f2.8 Macro

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  7. Tantris

    Tantris pfm Member

    Crosby Beach this morning;
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  8. ian123running

    ian123running pfm Member

    France this lunchtime, taken from the back door.

    [​IMG]Red squirrel_2 by Ian123running, on Flickr

    [edited to replace with a slightly less noisy version]
    Last edited: Jan 13, 2019
  9. Pete MB&D

    Pete MB&D Pete Maddex, the one and only!

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  10. Pete MB&D

    Pete MB&D Pete Maddex, the one and only!

    Orchid with a Lensbaby Sweet 35 and 8mm extension tube.

    [​IMG]Orchid by Pete Maddex, on Flickr

  11. John Barry

    John Barry pfm Member

    From the History of Science Museum, Oxford:



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  12. ian123running

    ian123running pfm Member

    Great photos John. It’s a treasure but I’d never thought of taking photos there.
  13. eguth

    eguth pfm Member

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  14. SteveG

    SteveG pfm Member

    UK Pink Floyd Experience at the Kings Theatre in Glasgow. Using my little Olympus micro-4/3 mirrorless camera because it fits in my jacket pocket, but quality lags a long way behind my DSLR at low light levels in particular.
  15. Rockmeister

    Rockmeister pfm Member

  16. Mr Perceptive

    Mr Perceptive Perceptive Member

  17. Lefty

    Lefty Trade: Amar Sood Photo

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  18. Mr Perceptive

    Mr Perceptive Perceptive Member

  19. Gromit

    Gromit Plasticine Dog

    Absolutely - keep 'em coming! :)
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  20. davcoll

    davcoll pfm Member

    Very nice Mr Perceptive .

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