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ONIX .We are a small company but.. Some things cant change

Discussion in 'audio' started by adsw, Aug 15, 2019.

  1. adsw

    adsw Trade: OnixDNA


    My name is Adam Worsfold , I drive all techincal stuff at ONIX ..I am a Major shareholder of the company. I am seriously dedicated to making great stuff and most agree thats what we do .

    Pinkfish is a great forum I have been active on for years , I speak through this media to other people that like what we do.

    Most opinion makes the world a better place, doing what you beleive in makes it a better world. It makes us human.

    We at ONIX received many orders for our offer on the ONIX DNA45, and we placed this offer on the basis we had everything needed in stock to make these units . I did this at the same time I took on a classic renovation of our old gear .

    Some classic units have been delayed , this is because they were really badly repaired in years gone by , I had to spend over 5 days on one unit but I said I would do it so I did.

    Some DNA45 units are delayed .. This is because we had parts delivered that were not what we agreed to buy or labeled wrong . You dont know what you have been sent until you use them . Parts are not available in Tesco and these days are rarely stocked and take time to get . I have personally been flat out, this is because technical expertise is not the same as it was, and I have had to get us up to speed quickly by personal involvement with suppliers and customers . Time has not been on my side. Lets be fair I am not 21 anymore


    The above does nothing to make it right , so I am going to refund 100GBP for every DNA45 Ordered and not delivered from todays date 15-08-19

    I will make sure all deliveries will be met within 2 - 3 weeks and once delivered, refund the 100GBP to the card used for the order .

    Time is money, and it is my opinion that errors no mater from where of by who, are our problem NOT yours .

    I really value our customers and their faith in our really great products , that we ACTUALLY make , and I will put our money where our mouth is .

    Everyone will get their DNA 45, and now everyone will get a better deal than before .

    I want to thank everyone for their faith and for their paitience by refunding 100GBP from me .

    Thanks guys for bearing with me, ONIX and myself really appreciate it .

    Adam W

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  2. Stemcor

    Stemcor I should be listening to music

    Well done Adam. In my opinion that’s above and beyond the call of duty. I don’t own any Onix products but if I did I would be very happy with the level of service offered. Once again, well done.
  3. Alexm2033

    Alexm2033 Member

    You can't say fairer than that. It's great to see good honest customer service; it's rare these days.
  4. Sloop John B

    Sloop John B pfm Member

    Very refreshing, I certainly hope ONIX succeed in (re)establishing themselves and their hard work pays off financially for them.

  5. jepps

    jepps Member

    Hello everyone,
    I would like to share my discomfort with you, also because by email Onix DNA told me to write here and not to them ... in mid-July I placed an order for a DNA 45 and for now nothing has arrived.
    I speak very little English so I can't call and if I write by email they tell me not to disturb.
    I keep reading about updates on the site and various delays, but this is becoming embarrassing, I ask how many of you share my problem ...
    DNA 45 as Roll Royce ??
  6. Bronzeage

    Bronzeage Active Member

    I think the issue is partly over optimism on Adam’s side in his estimates, which have not been met, and the very different nature of ONIX compared to what we are used to in this day and age, what with next day delivery etc.

    Perhaps in order to avoid reputational damage, a refund should be offered to those who want to pull out. That would be a real shame though, as they would miss out on the amp.
  7. essgee

    essgee Well-Known Member

    It is more likely that Adam wants to ensure each unit has the same care and attention to detail. Plus as explained in the recent past, components are becoming more rare to source. Give them some more time and all will be fine. Cannot rush quality. OK, maybe more responses than expected, therefore more time and components required.
  8. Bronzeage

    Bronzeage Active Member

    Yes, he obviously wants to maintain the highest standards, but when someone like Per is told he will get his amp soon, and soon turns to not at all soon, that can turn to bad feeling. Now, Adam has apologised and offered compensation, which is admirable, but it is only human nature to feel somewhat disgruntled.
  9. russel

    russel ./_dazed_and_confused

    Complaining this early in the project?, have you not heard of a thing called the MDAC2?

    Just out of interest, which components are “difficult to find” the original looked fairly straightforward.
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  10. adsw

    adsw Trade: OnixDNA


    No all things are created equal, distributors only have spec sheets to go on and distribution chains are so mixed up who knows where stuff comes from .

    We had ali cases that contained lead in the alloy .. the CEO ( certificate of origin ) was the UK .. fact is it was china lead weighs more ..we found out when we anodised the case ..6 weeks later . All were reject .

    Customer has no clue ..but we do , and I won't let out crap finish or one that will fade in months...look at Chinese anodising brown that's meant to be black anyone ?

    Transistors ..we use ZTX 753 devices ..sent from our regular distributors ..fakes..they replaced them but 3 weeks later.

    The list goes on ..

    All things are not equal ..fact is I know it.

    Onix amps are made to my standard . Sorry for the delays we are sure we have ironed out the wrinkles . We have always said and continue to say call us . We are not in front of screens all day .

    ONIX make great products and as long as I have a say I am certain that will remain

    Actually you would be stunned how much in our products is NOT standard in any form ..our PCB is made in the UK with base made in the USA with copper that is made in the USA ..it took over 90 prototypes to find the right board ...that's just the start ..

    Enjoy music guys

    Adam W

  11. linnfomaniac83

    linnfomaniac83 I bet you can’t wheelie a unicycle!

    I do understand your difficulties, I’m 18 months down the line on developing a product, it’s pretty much ready for market now but much of the delay has been due to supply chain issues, parts taking weeks to arrive and them being wrong when they do arrive. We still do face some ridiculous waiting times on component delivery... not easy being a small manufacturer.

    PS, I feel for you over that issue with the alloy, that’d have been a costly one!
  12. adsw

    adsw Trade: OnixDNA

    I wish you well in your endeavour .

    I have been in this business for 30 years plus and nothing is created equal in electronics .

    The spec sheet means absolutely nothing . In fact it means less it lies these days .

    Every single component has an effect on sound and to sell any product in audio and make sure every unit of a model sounds the same , takes design , knowledge of components ,and who makes them , and understanding of what goes wrong with each component and it's action within the whole chain. Design and component headroom . I assure you nothing is created equal in electronics.

    Anyone can make a product , it takes integrity to make each product the way it was designed . That is the art and skill of audio products and in particular hi end audio. It is what has been perfected over many many hours of listening . None of it comes from spec sheets

    Check out our tech heads .


    Nothing is equal in audio or electronics I am sure you are learning this along the way

    Call me if you need anything

    Adam W

  13. adsw

    adsw Trade: OnixDNA


    Thank you

    I will send your DNA 45 out on Monday and upgrade a DNA 50v to someone that appreciates the gesture of goodwill and our efforts as humans not machines .. clearly you don't .

    10 days is Monday exactly I said it would be having emailed you on the 4 th Sept ..not having received a reply until the string of abuse on pinkfish .

    I thank you for your extreme patience during part of which I totaled my car and was laid up for a week .. had you called you would have known that ..I am human I thought my customers were too .

    We do our best ..sadly it's never good enough for some

    Never one single call has been made to us by per despite constant efforts to advise calling us as emails were getting lost in a sea of junk.

    How many times is call us not understood per we are not looking at computers all day it would seem unlike you .

    We make hifi ..we make great products ..I will not ship sub standard products because you shout .

    Adam W
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  14. Snufkin

    Snufkin pfm Member

    I have never met Adam but I admire anyone who is trying to keep manufacturing going in this country; lets face it we need manufacturers, however small. Adam's approach to marketing and promoting his products may seem idiosyncratic but he comes across as genuine and enthusiastic. I have only heard one of his original Onix amps back in the 1980's and I was impressed but I couldn't afford it so bought a Creek but I do remember that the Onix was significantly better.

    His original offer to PFM members was generous and I simply don't understand the grumpiness about these delays; this is a small manufacturer trying to produce high quality products on, I expect, a fairly tight budget. Be patient and appreciate what a bargain you are getting.

    If not having an amp is a problem, I am sure you could borrow one from a local Fishy - if you are ampless and live near Berkshire you are welcome to borrow my nice A&R A60 till your Onix turns up.
  15. G T Audio

    G T Audio Trade: Distributor and Manufacturer

    Unfortunately, some don't know, or realise, or care for that matter, how much difference there is between an off the shelf product built in the far east and a bespoke product built in the UK by dedicated engineers. Plus everyone seems to think that products like this are stacked 10 deep on a shelf somewhere and all that has to happen is someone takes it off the shelf and sends it to the customer for next day delivery. I find this quite sad really...
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  16. Zombie

    Zombie pfm Member

    Childish "I want it now" mentality
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  17. adsw

    adsw Trade: OnixDNA


    I cant say how much I appreciate your support , of course our budget gets tight but we are not strangled ..we cannot however buy with the same power as others and that hampers our importance these days with suppliers .

    Sad as it is if bigger fish want what we ordered we get pushed back .

    Fact is we decided to sell on line as a bigger fish I won't name told their dealers if they stock our stuff it would not be in their interest ...this happened at least five times overseas that we are aware of. I won't enlarge on that but too many big boys want all of the pie . Being small is what they want us to remain ...they don't know me too well clearly I don't go easy .

    We have had issues during the summer I admit, but we had to learn and that just took time .

    I am absolutely dedicated to what we do I have some really good guys with me and it's their future that really counts and they are learning too. We have some really good stuff on the way ..and delivery will be within people's expectations

    Thank you all for our support no one will be let down.

    Once again thanks guys .

    Adam W
  18. PerF

    PerF Member

    I'm pleased if that happen
  19. Darren

    Darren All Business

    Is it childish to want what you've paid for within a reasonable time frame?
    If a small manufacturer needs a long period to produce product they should be upfront about it. I've been caught out myself in just this manner and it now means that I will not buy any item of hifi unless it exists and is ready for dispatch preferably within 48 hours .
    Also Adam doesn't half ladle it on:
    ".... It takes integrity"
    '.... I am seriously dedicated'
    '...Doing what you believe in makes it a better world "
    Jezus.... The schmaltz....... He could write for Walt Disney and it must be annoying when you just want the kit you've paid for.
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  20. adsw

    adsw Trade: OnixDNA

    @Darren All business ..what manufacturing company do you run?

    Try looking at our site before you mouth off..we are upfront that we build to order. Try buying a new prestige car and see how long you need to wait ..I guess you don't buy new cars ..even ford are on 3 months delivery for personal orders. We gave a rebate for delay ..see how much they increase price after their delay ...its 2019

    Retailers take the profit by stocking the product . Some like to pay that price, others prefer not too.

    If consumers want a better deal sometimes there is a small sacrifice . We don't charge retail prices ..ergo you get more for your money in the product you buy .

    Retailers sell you what they got in stock and they don't work for free or stock for free and nor should they ..

    Consumers pay for stocking ..after all it's your choice to pay more for instant delivery ..you end up with less in what you get for a product ..some are smart and know this ...You pay more for stocking costs ..nothing is free .nothing.

    We build to order and never ever said we didn't . It is clear and the buyer is aware of this.

    You didn't even look at our site but seem to know all...odd

    Maybe we should charge two prices ..built to order or instant despatch ..no reward for knowing which price will be higher. Now there is an idea .

    I have repeatedly apologised on the phone as well as here ...and on our own site ...now man up and do the same or preferably call me I would love to talk to you in person.

    Do you know what I find most interesting , is that most overseas buyers call and are polite patient and really understanding the few that arent are in the UK .. why is that ?

    Adam W

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