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Old Kef Coda II's - anything like ls3/5?

Discussion in 'classic' started by crashterrier, Jan 25, 2007.

  1. crashterrier

    crashterrier Active Member


    Can I please ask the more experienced forum members to enlighten me about these speakers. I might get a hold of them for a reasonable price and I expect to connect them to a NAD 3020 in a bedroom system. Will it be just a regular vintage system, or will it show some of the BBC monitor magic?

    Thank you.
  2. Paul Dimaline

    Paul Dimaline 12" round member

    I had a pair of Coda II's for quite a while, in stock trim and then mounted in a heavy sand damped cabinet. They were no great shakes at the end of the day, but were never unpleasant to listen to either. BBC monitors they most certainly 'aint!!


  3. crashterrier

    crashterrier Active Member

    Paul, thanks for your answer. I expected them not to be ls3/5, but if they are at least a pleasant listen, I might get them and use them for radio or tv.
  4. BradNad

    BradNad pfm Member

    My Dad has a pair of Coda II's. Bought them from new nearly 30 years ago.

    When driven by good equipment they sound pretty good. Many people who have had Coda II's have only ever used them with cheap electronics, as they were a fairly budget speaker.

    I have driven them with Creek Integrated amps with really good results.
  5. Paul Dimaline

    Paul Dimaline 12" round member

    They will certainly be OK for what you want them for, sealed box so reasonably unfussy over placement. For sentimental reasons I will take a look on ebay when a pair comes up for sale and they rarely make more than a tenner, you could certainly do a lot worse for that amount of cash. Re-capping the crossover would perk them up a bit if your upto it.

    I had mine for about 4 years so they must have done something right!!

  6. colasblue

    colasblue pfm Member

    the correct price for pair would probably be about a tenner !

    My first speakers were coda III's which aren't much different but look a bit more interesting

    All the coda iii drivers were updated and improved over the coda ii's
  7. 23.

    23. Member

    I had the Coda II with the Nad 3020, both fed by a Dual CS505 I thought it sounded great!!!!
  8. Martyn Miles

    Martyn Miles pfm Member

    A little off topic, but the original Codas ( B110 and T27 ) can sound excellent with Kef CS1a crossovers. They can be purchased from Falcon Acoustics, or the components/boards can be obtained from component suppliers.
    Some of the 'LS3/5a sound' is there.
  9. jimmymcfarrell

    jimmymcfarrell pfm Member

    So all those on eBay asking £50, £100 etc are being rather optimistic then!??!
  10. Minstrel SE

    Minstrel SE These go to eleven

    The Coda II used to get plenty of budget mentions in Hi Fi Answers. I think they got recommended quite a bit. They stuck in my mind and are probably quite respectable.

    I wouldnt go expecting any magic though...just a solid budget speaker of the time.

    If you get them you will have a real 80s budget system and retro talking point. They should be a pleasant enough listen if you can get them cheap enough.

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