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NSPCC HIKING 300 Miles 1st Nov to 23rd December 2022

Discussion in 'charity' started by Avonessence, Nov 8, 2022.

  1. Avonessence

    Avonessence Hiking Consistency Rapporteur

    Hello all

    My name is James Avison, I am doing sponsored hiking for the NSPCC.

    · My challenge is to do 300 miles (480km) of hiking from 1st Nov to 23rd Dec 2022.

    · I have made a start and am currently at 65km.

    · You may see me around in a bright green jacket, usually in shorts and hiking boots with my trusty umbrella in the Rochdale/Oldham/Rossendale/Haslingdon area (Rochdale hills being the main tramping spot up through Healey Dell)

    · Any donations to this charity would be greatly appreciated.

    · You can sponsor and see my progress here:

    Look forward to any donations you can afford to give.

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