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Newbie introduction/Big thanks to Paul Darwin and Rega

Discussion in 'audio' started by Fire99, Dec 5, 2017.

  1. Fire99

    Fire99 pfm Member

    I have been a member and long time lurker but have never posted until now. I wanted to start off by saying I have learned a lot of valuable information from this forum and it’s members which helped me build my system the past two years.
    The true reason for posting is to give a huge thanks to Paul Darwin of Rega and the Rega family for unbelievable customer service, guidance and products. I’ve been a Firefighter for the past eighteen years and know the value of helping people. Throughout my journey of building my all Rega system I had many unanswered questions. I would send Paul private messages asking for information not expecting a reply- he always replied and answered my questions by the time I woke up the next morning( I live in Toronto, Canada). My most recent problem that Paul went out of his way to help me with, was when I decided to check the speed of my Rp10 with an iPhone app after a year of constant use. It was running just a tad fast (according to my phone) and instead of leaving well enough alone because everything sounded great, I thought I would fine tune the speed without the proper tool. Well let’s just say after much frustration I contacted Paul and asked about buying Rega’s tool for adjusting- a few days later it was air mailed to my house- the cost....a few beers the next time he’s in Toronto.WOW!
    I personally have never experienced this kind of customer service, especially from a person or company from across the pond.
    Sorry for the long post but I felt for all the negative experiences people have had and posted on this forum it was only fair to share my positive experience.
    Thanks again Paul and the Rega family! Much appreciated.
  2. JezmondTutu

    JezmondTutu pfm Member

    Good to hear Dave - Rega are a great company.
    Fire99 likes this.
  3. Fire99

    Fire99 pfm Member

    Great company and even better products- loving my system!
  4. BobMaximus

    BobMaximus pfm Member

    I remember sending in my Planar 3 arm to Rega (maybe 25 years ago). I think the bearing was sticking, partway through playing a record. They fixed it and sent it back free of charge.
    Fire99 likes this.
  5. Fire99

    Fire99 pfm Member

    Buying equipment is the easy part, having a company stand behind and service their products is another. Glad you had a similar experience.
  6. jy3

    jy3 pfm Member

    Very nice post Fire99 and welcome.
    Fire99 likes this.
  7. TPA

    TPA Trade: Tiger Paw

    I can also confirm that he's very good company over a few beers, so hope you get the chance :)
    Fire99 likes this.
  8. linnfomaniac83

    linnfomaniac83 I bet you can’t wheelie a unicycle!

    Rega are a superb company and Paul is a genuine nice guy. Anyone with a negative view must be very, very hard to please.
    Fire99 likes this.
  9. Fire99

    Fire99 pfm Member

    Thanks for the welcome guys.
  10. naimplayer

    naimplayer Aspiring to be a halfwit.

    Welcome to the pfm family. I'm like you I read every day & pick up the bits that interest or stimulate me & every so often I feel moved to post something. Its rather pleasant here good advice mostly without rancour. I have heard many many reports of the sort of service you received from Rega so it seems that you all made a very good choice of manufacturer. I have to confess to never having heard anything Rega other than an RP 8 a long time ago. I must go along to my local guru & explore the potential.

    Good luck.
    Fire99 likes this.
  11. pjdowns

    pjdowns Living the Hifi dream

    I have always been impressed by Rega, very good company and somewhat understated in comparison to others.
    Fire99 likes this.
  12. dudywoxer

    dudywoxer pfm Member

    Rega make good sounding kit, which they back up with exemplary service. I have just replaced a Saturn with a saturn-r, and a elicit-r to replace a cursa-/Exon, via a trilogy vti. The trilogy will probably stay in the spares box for a while. They join a Rega P9, iOS, dac, headphone amp, and radio 3. Bumped into Mr Darwin in the showroom.
    Fire99 likes this.
  13. Fire99

    Fire99 pfm Member

    Thanks for the welcome naimplayer.
    Cheers Dave

    I auditioned many components when I wanted to build my system- it wasn’t until my small town dealer let me take an Elex-r home two years ago at Christmas so my wife and I could hear it with my speakers. It was an instant “sh.t” that sounds good from both of us. Needless to say that was the start of our journey and trust in building an all Rega system. Fell in love with the sound.
    Now if I can only convince the boss that we need the Naiad when it comes out- She doesn’t need to retire:)
  14. Mullardman

    Mullardman Moderately extreme...

    Welcome Fire 99.
    I have to say I'm not surprised that Paul D has been so helpful. I knew him way back when he worked for NAIM and I for Audio Excellence. IIRC, I had a couple of decent nights out with him in Preston. A true gent.
    Fire99 likes this.
  15. stevebrock

    stevebrock pfm Member

    Paul is a lovely chap and had the pleasure of meeting him at the Rega day at Moorgate Acoustics, Sheffield a few weeks ago.

    Over the years I have had a few minor problems which have been dealt with in an exemplary way personally by Paul.

    I wont go into too much detail, but while I was packing something up to go back to Rega for repair i knocked the empty box off a table the corner of the box went straight through the driver of 1 of my RS3 speakers - you guessed......Rega replaced & fitted the driver completely FOC - that IMO is excellent 1st class service.
    Fire99 likes this.
  16. Fire99

    Fire99 pfm Member

    I agree, Mull. I’ve shied away from posting some questions knowing them being controversial topics and this is where Paul answered all my questions by the next day(time difference) through private message. I sometimes wait weeks for a dealer to get to me- even knowing I want to purchase something.
    The audio industry needs more people and companies like Paul and Rega.

    My experience as well- me being a horse’s arse decided to try and adjust the speed of my Rp10 without the proper tool and ignoring the manual saying not to touch- long story short I reached out to Paul and presto-tool is on my doorstep.
    Two thumbs up from across the pond!
  17. Fire99

    Fire99 pfm Member

    Thanks for the warm welcome guys!
  18. Mullardman

    Mullardman Moderately extreme...

    You're welcome!
    There are lots of controversial topics in the whole field of audio/hi-fi. Think 'wires' and 'valves v solid state', just for starters.
    I don't think anyone gets too upset.. it's largely good humoured 'banter'.. and if anyone gets abusive etc., they are usually put straight by the 'Mighty Mods', or just quietly 'removed' ;)

    The political stuff can also get a bit 'lively', but AFAIK, nobody has been physically assaulted... yet.. :)

  19. Fire99

    Fire99 pfm Member

    I know what you mean- it was the original topic of Mains cables and whether they make a difference, at the same time I was looking to purchase the Rega Reference Mains. Well needless to say I sat that conversation out:) and quietly sent Paul a message asking for a little information. I understand people get passionate about things especially audio. As for politics:) I'm across the pond and I’m sure everybody has heard of what’s going on over here:mad:
    On another note, I enjoy all the topics and wide range of knowledge offered here.
    Cheers for that, Dave

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