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New Source - Chord Hugo TT2 , Klimax or other ?

Discussion in 'audio' started by linntroika, May 5, 2019.

  1. linntroika

    linntroika pfm Member

    I currently have CDS3(which im keeping ) and want to add a Dac /Streamer into the mix ,mainly for convenience
    Have had a lend of Linn Akurate in my system but still preferred the naim .( Have heard the Klimax at my dealer ,but only in the context of an all Linn system and it sounded really good)

    I really like the way the CDS3 presents itself (in particular the wide soundstage , warmth ,analogue sounding and bass slam) . I had a Chord Hugo for a while and thought it was pretty good especially for the price

    I am interested in the new TT2, possibly with the M scaler or perhaps a Linn Klimax DS/1, budget would be from 4K-7K

  2. Amber Audio

    Amber Audio This is the Day

    Loads of choices, too many really, some alternative Streamer/DACs to consider/demo, Naim NDX2/XPSDR (or Teddy XPS), Mytek Brooklyn Bridge with LPSU or Auralic Vega G2. It’s a bit surprising Naim haven’t got a TT alternative DAC in production.

    I went from the older NDX/nDAC to Auralic/Lyngdorf and don’t regret it.

    Maybe dip you toe in and get a Raspberry Pi as a source into a DAC or one of the Pi DACs like Allo Digione Sig. You can get some decent looking metal cases for the Pi these days and LPSUs. I have a nice rig from Audiophonics in my study feeding a Quad Vena.

    The control point/App is really important, no point having a great hardware setup and hating the interface or it crashing, ROON levels the playing field if you don’t mind the subscription fee. Also not every App is available on Android if you are averse to Apple, saying that dropping a couple hundred on an iPad when spending £K’s on the streamer wouldn’t put me off, Auralic are iOS only.

  3. owl

    owl pfm Member

    I'm very happy with a chord qutest dac which when I did a demo was very very close to hugo tt2 and better than the original hugo tt. I will be adding either an auralic aries streamer or dcs network bridge. Haven't tried the upscaler yet.

    I'm a former Linn dsm user. Haven't heard the latest klimax katalyst. I think my qutest is more involving than the akurate 2 dsm.

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