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New Bearing for LP12--The Karousel

Discussion in 'audio' started by stackowax, Mar 4, 2020.

  1. Craig B

    Craig B Re:trophile

    Yes Hans, after-all, how many machine shops are so altruistic as to steal a turntable design from a bloke who walks in the door looking to get a few bits turned out, these days.

    It isn't as if Ariston Audio Ltd. were going to make a go of it on their own, now is it?
  2. Martyn Miles

    Martyn Miles pfm Member

    I wondered how long it would be before Ariston turned up...
  3. Craig B

    Craig B Re:trophile

    Well, the thread started on Wednesday, March 4 @ 1:21PM, so, 15 pages/281 posts, apparently.
    Martyn Miles likes this.
  4. HansW

    HansW pfm Member

    I didn’t say they where altrusitic. Linn is a commercial company apparently trying to make a profit by providing attractive propositions to their customers. Profits are needed for sustaining a business as are satisfied customers. Im appreciate that they choose, as part of a business strategy no doubt, to do so by offering cost effecient retrofittability. The new Selekt product is a further example.

  5. Craig B

    Craig B Re:trophile

    I mostly agree with that.

    Well, the same way that I agree with it being ok to take the kids to a posh Los Vegas casino/resort that was originally built by mobsters, at least.

    BTW, It was your 'admire them and be thankful' that had me pushing the RD11 whataboutism button.

    Please don't take it personally, were I still a drinking man, I would have pushed it back on page 4.
    Sean K likes this.
  6. flatpopely

    flatpopely Prog Rock/Moderator

    No, so have you and compared them side by side?
  7. Vinny

    Vinny pfm Member

    And your point is? Moly disulphide and graphite look remarkably similar.

    Just a simple to find article, plenty more on the www - see under "Graphite" -
  8. Mr Pig

    Mr Pig Trade: ^'- -'^

    It only takes a few minutes to clean out the bearing and fill it with fresh oil. Try Audio Origami oil yourself, it's very cheap.
  9. Craig B

    Craig B Re:trophile

    Audio Origami oil, eh?

    Presumably, one folds in one's own Molybdenum disulphide.
  10. Mr Pig

    Mr Pig Trade: ^'- -'^

    I don't think they're is any moly slip in it, could be wrong but I don't think so. Johnnie did tell me what was in it but I can't remember.
  11. Craig B

    Craig B Re:trophile

    A quick Google mentions PTFE additive.

    I'd be wary of using such in something that runs as cold and infrequently as a turntable bearing. The suspended Teflon particles will tend to settle and clump up over time, that is, unless constantly in motors, long-haul trucks, etc.

    There was a product called Slick 50 over here. After the FTC took Quaker State to court over making false and unsubstantiated advertising claims, the auto makers wouldn't cover drivetrain warranties if it became known that Slick 50 had been used. Quaker State/Slick 50 began offering their own $5000. (or the cost of repairs, whichever is less) warranty, since discontinued.

    Their infomercials were quite comical, demonstrating cars being run at red-line on a dyno-testing rig for many minutes, after supposedly having been drained of all Slick 50 treated oil. Lots of redneck hootin' and holler'n, when one just wanted to get back to one's wee hours of the morning sci-fi classic.

    I do admit to having tried Slick 50 in a Thorens deck here. With belt off, the platter spun freely for about the same amount of time as with the Thorens Caltex R.O.B. After a number of months I drained the oil only to find goo down bottom of the well, so I cleaned it all out and went back to the stock oil.

    With benefit of hindsight, the stated direction to 'shake well before using' says it all.
    Last edited: Mar 8, 2020
  12. Mr Pig

    Mr Pig Trade: ^'- -'^

    Does it? I can't remember. It works, I know that.
  13. tobermory

    tobermory pfm Member

    Been following this thread with mild amusement, but this post caught my eye. I had a Rega P9 for a while, at the time their top deck. The lid was lame. There were two air bubbles IN the perspex, and the front edge of the lid cambered so that at the center of the deck it was about 5mm from front edge whereas at the front corners it was on the front edge. My 1985 LP12's lid has always been rock solid, it's just made better than a Rega's, and first-hand experience tells me so.

    As my mother always told me, you get what you pay for...
    Hiesteem likes this.
  14. Mr Pig

    Mr Pig Trade: ^'- -'^

    How many sets of hinges have you gone through?

    The old smoked Rega lids seem to be made of a softer plastic. I've seen them bow in as you describe, but not 5mm. I've not seen any clear ones like that. My RP10 lid is flawless.
  15. sq225917

    sq225917 Bit of this, bit of that

    My point is that graphite is commonly used as a high pressure additive in oils. Had you looked further than the first wiki page you ran into, maybe to one that covers its use as , I dont know maybe something as 'low pressure' as a metal forging lubricant for super forged panels you might have got a broader picture. It's pretty much all the car industry uses for this purpose. Particle/plate size plays a huge part in its suitability, as it does with moly and ceramic additives.
  16. flatpopely

    flatpopely Prog Rock/Moderator

    So not side by side then.
  17. tobermory

    tobermory pfm Member

    While I'm not particularly interested in how many obviously flawless clear Rega lids you may have have encountered, my clear RP9 lid looked like it sold for 40 quid. On the other hand, my LP12 lid, on its second pair of hinges in 35 years, looks like its sells for 180 pounds. Yes, that's 35 years of at least weekly use, which for a mechanical part is, imho, fairly top-drawer. ,
    Last edited: Mar 9, 2020
  18. rn82497

    rn82497 pfm Member

    15 pages of comment. Anyone actually heard Karousel yet?
    divedeepdog and Martyn Miles like this.
  19. Mr Pig

    Mr Pig Trade: ^'- -'^

    Ok. So you are clearly in the 'Linn lids are special' camp.
  20. matteo.renesto

    matteo.renesto pfm Member

    Someone in Seattle

    Check WigWam


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