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[FS] Naim Ovator S-400 Speakers

Discussion in 'classifieds' started by Bigman80, May 2, 2021.

  1. Bigman80

    Bigman80 pfm Member

    Hi all,

    Picked these up yesterday on a whim, knowing full well that speakers of this size don't work in my room.

    Trouble was I saw them and fell in love with them.

    Nothing like the stark smack up the chops of an excited room to remind you why you stopped looking for speakers.

    24 hours has delivered utterly stunning imaging and dreams of a bigger room and a concrete floor.

    Absolutely immaculate, not a mark on them.

    £1750ono collected and I'll meet anyone up to 50miles from Wolverhampton to hand them over.

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  2. JimmyB

    JimmyB pfm Member

    Think you should keep these and look on Rightmove instead....;)
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  3. Bigman80

    Bigman80 pfm Member

    It's not gonna happen or I would.

    I've had some absolutely amazing speakers through here and they've all been undone by the floor.

    These are another victim of "Vintage" Tongue and groove.
  4. Bigman80

    Bigman80 pfm Member

    Last edited: May 3, 2021
  5. Rug Doc

    Rug Doc pfm Member

    What a shame for you, have you tried Gaia’s or a set or Townshend?
    effinity likes this.
  6. Bigman80

    Bigman80 pfm Member

    Yes, tried them all to no avail.

    I have Townshend Podiums, bars and I've had Gaia feet...two weight classes.

    It's just hopeless.

    I've decided after this debacle to convert a garage into a listening space. I have been fighting room limitations for about three years now, so time to take significant action!
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  7. jamington2004

    jamington2004 pfm Member

    Wow that’s extreme - why don’t you try a room correction device first?

    I had horrendous bass bloat with some over bassy speakers for my room, and the Dspeaker antimode 2.0 worked wonders to cut out a couple of bass humps at 50 / 75hz

    I’m not expert but are you sure it’s the floor and not just room dimensions causing a room mode?
  8. Bigman80

    Bigman80 pfm Member

    No room correction here I'm afraid. Can it be used with vinyl? No idea about these things.

    Yes, 100% the floor. Dimensions don't help, admittedly.
  9. Mynamemynaim

    Mynamemynaim 38yrs a Naim owner

    Looking at your picture...your room does look very narrow...and placement one behind the other cannot help:rolleyes:
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  10. Bigman80

    Bigman80 pfm Member

  11. Bigman80

    Bigman80 pfm Member

    Still for sale BTW
  12. jamington2004

    jamington2004 pfm Member

    I would highly recommend reading up / giving it a go. I didn’t have a clue either - the Dspeaker i mentioned is plug and play - run an auto sweep with the mic and leave it hidden in a cupboard doing it’s job :)

    GLWTS - lovely speakers would have fitted the Bill for what I was after but decided to keep mine and spend some money having them veneered to look pretty
    Bigman80 likes this.
  13. Brian Ellis

    Brian Ellis Member

    Would you be interested in a trade for a small pair of floor standers that could work well in your room? I have a small 2nd listening room which measures 7ft by 11ft in which I use a Naim DacV1, NAP100, Bluesound Node 2i and a pair of PMC GB1i's in cherry. The speakers were my rears so never pushed hard and are used maybe once a fortnight in the 2nd room. They are not immaculate but are boxed and in great condition and sound great. Being front ported (transmission line) they work close to the rear wall and also close to the sides. The bass performance is surprisingly god for a small pair of speakers and the tweeter is the same as the ones in my £9k main speakers (PMC EB1i's).

    I could stretch to £900 cash plus my speakers. I work in Manchester so providing we could make suitable arrangements I would be willing to come to you, let you install the PMC's in place of the Naim's and check they work in your room. If they don't work I would just ask that you cover a contribution to my fuel and time (say £25). If you like them it would be a swap plus £900 cash or BT your way.

    Bigman80 likes this.
  14. A ridiculous bargain for what i would consider, Naims swansong in speaker design. These, on the end of a NAP300 sound amazing. A future classic which will be much in demand IMHO
    Bigman80 likes this.
  15. Bigman80

    Bigman80 pfm Member

    Hi Brian,

    Thanks for your offer but at this moment i have agreed a deal in principle with a PFM member. The only thing that would kibosh that deal would be a straight up cash sale.
  16. Bigman80

    Bigman80 pfm Member

    Totally agree on them being in much demand in the future, especially when you consider the rarity of them.

    A VERY fair price for them IMO.
    Cereal Killer likes this.
  17. Bigman80

    Bigman80 pfm Member

    Boys and Girls,

    The wife and i have had a chat and I have come to the decision :oops: that i cannot swap these for more Speakers.

    However, I am allowed to consider swaps for Amplifiers, MC cart's or DAC's of the same value + a bit of cash either way.

    Priced to get them moving folks:

    £1600.00 OVNO
    unit and mikeyb like this.
  18. cartman

    cartman Taking a sabbatical

    I hope someone sees the value here and just pays you the cash for them.
    Bigman80 likes this.
  19. JimmyB

    JimmyB pfm Member

    So do I 'cos I'd really like to try these and the longer they're here causing temptation (bit like the Neat Elite SE which went recently).
    cartman likes this.
  20. Bigman80

    Bigman80 pfm Member

    A vid of them working here:

    gwernaffield likes this.

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