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[FS] Naim NAPSC 2 power supply 2011 230v

Discussion in 'classifieds' started by intothevoid, May 23, 2020.

  1. intothevoid

    intothevoid pfm Member

    In full working order, this is the mk 2 version of the renowned NAPSC power supply.

    S/N 314687 makes this a 2011 unit.

    Multiple uses across the range of Naim equipment, it is the natural partner for the Headline headphone amp, a pre-requisite for the NAC282 pre-amp, or an ideal first upgrade to the NAC202 pre-amp.

    It can also be used with Naim's 'Olive' range.

    The NAPSC power supply lowers the noise floor, hence reducing noise and thereby improving the clarity and detail of your music.

    In very good condition, this unit has some very slight cosmetic marks (I wouldn't call them scratches as they haven't scratched the paintwork). See photos. Can't be seen under normal conditions unless you're looking very closely (and why would you do that? You're meant to be listening!)

    Comes with standard Naim power cable but no original box or instruction manual (which can be found on the Naim website).

    I will pack very securely for posting.

    £175 ovno + p&p (Happy to arrange collection but that may be a problem in the current circumstances).

    Thanks for looking.





  2. intothevoid

    intothevoid pfm Member

  3. intothevoid

    intothevoid pfm Member

    another bump for the weekend.

    It the longest day tomorrow, so that means the nights will be getting darker and you'll want to listen to more music.

    May as well invest in a NAPSC to make it sound even better!! :cool: ;)
  4. kensalriser

    kensalriser pfm Member

    I'm really looking for the cheaper mk 1, but how about £125 plus postage?

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