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Discussion in 'audio' started by KiwiMike, May 31, 2020.

  1. KiwiMike

    KiwiMike Member

    Ive just tested my late dads system and it looks like the transformer has failed, is there any schematics on the NAP125 out there
  2. Rosewind

    Rosewind Lost in Translation

    Even if I have never heard of this model - there is a Nap 120 - , I am sure a schematic will be available from those who are in the know. The Nap 120 does not have the on/off switch on the front. The Nap 125 looks quite cute in the one photo I found of it. The Naim Nac 225 seems to be its companion. The rounded edges of the case is nice. Perhaps these two were recased?
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  3. Mr Underhill

    Mr Underhill pfm Member

    Hi Mike,

    Did you manage to get to my post on the Naim site before Richard edited it!

    I'd also try posting this on the Classic & DIY sections.

  4. misterc6

    misterc6 Wasted and wounded, it ain’t what the moon did

    Those cases are fine for a NAC22 and NAP120. I’ve never heard of a NAC225, nor a NAP125. I do have a vague memory that a batch of NAP120s were manufactured in either Australia or New Zealand and that they were different in some way from the U.K. production. Given the OP’s user name it seems possible that his units are from that source. Are there any serial number stickers on the rear of the units?
    Tom Bonjour likes this.
  5. KiwiMike

    KiwiMike Member

    The photo in rosewinds post is spot on
    My system was assembled in new zealand
    The serial # are 22907 and 12907
    I might be looking at upgrading the entire power supply as ive found the rectifier bridge is kaput and the 2 x 10,000uf caps might be suspect also

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  6. Tom Bonjour

    Tom Bonjour pfm Member

    I have a NAC 22 and NAP 120 that look similar to the units in the picture, but the power amp case is slightly different. My 120, is the later version, with the toroidal transformer and an on/off switch on the front. The rectifier and caps would be relatively easy to find. I am putting new Kemet ALS30A 10,000uf 63V caps in my 120. Hopefully your transformer is okay. The amplifier boards in my 120 look like the amplifier boards in the larger Naim amplifiers (with the exception of the bolt down 160 and 250). I have always assumed that they are the same boards. The next time I have the cover off, I will compare the boards. I remember too, as misterc6 noted, that there were some of these units assembled in New Zealand or Australia. I think that may have been discussed here on pinkfish media a few years ago.
  7. MrPinkEyes

    MrPinkEyes Come on Pooh

    Yes this was done before deregulation of the local market, I think in the late 70’s?? To help make things cheaper apparently the Naim parts were shipped in and assembled locally. A transformer was produced locally which turned out to be inferior to the UK one. On one of JV’s trips down under he had a listen and wasn’t impressed with the local version and thats when the local production was stopped. Think these amps have a Avon audio badge on the back them which was a TV production company from memory. Anyway something like that.
    A lot of history over here with Naim Audio, its a shame they have done what they have chosen to do. Never forget your roots so to speak.
  8. Mignun

    Mignun pfm Member

    It was Avalon Audio.
  9. MrPinkEyes

    MrPinkEyes Come on Pooh

    Yes thats it cheers

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