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[FS] Naim NAP 250 Olive

Discussion in 'classifieds' started by Spike55, Jun 30, 2021.

  1. Spike55

    Spike55 Doesn't get out enough.

    Olive series NAP 250 in very good condition, serial number 68805 making it a 1990 build. Comes with Naim snaic, mains cable and box.

    I bought this as unserviced but on looking inside to check for bulging/leaking capacitors I was pleasantly surprised to find that it looks very clean, the main reservoir capacitors are Kendeils and it has the prized (by some) Holden and Fisher transformer. It sounds superb; I'm selling because I'm now using a valve integrated.

    £875 plus shipping - UK only
  2. Mynamemynaim

    Mynamemynaim 38yrs a Naim owner

    Please buy from spike with complete confidence
    I did and was more than happy!
    Spike55 likes this.
  3. Spike55

    Spike55 Doesn't get out enough.

  4. Timo_F

    Timo_F pfm Member

    Same here — @Spike55 is a pleasure to deal with!
    Spike55 likes this.
  5. Manket

    Manket New member NainMan

    Absolutely buy with confidence and trust.
    Brought my first item on PFM last year.


    Spike55 likes this.
  6. Spike55

    Spike55 Doesn't get out enough.

    Price reduction: £850 to include delivery to mainland UK addresses.
  7. halvis

    halvis pfm Member

    Pm sent
  8. JezmondTutu

    JezmondTutu pfm Member

    Good deal given prices seem to have risen - makes this classic power amp look awesome value against a Nait 2!
    Spike55 likes this.
  9. Eyebroughty

    Eyebroughty JohnC

    Spike55 is a great guy, lives in the next town to me, you will not get a better person to deal with and his equipment is always kept in excellent condition.

    Buy with confidence.
    Spike55 likes this.
  10. Spike55

    Spike55 Doesn't get out enough.

    And replied to :)
  11. Spike55

    Spike55 Doesn't get out enough.

    Provisionally sold.
    JezmondTutu and Phil UK like this.
  12. Phil UK

    Phil UK pfm Member

    Phew! That was getting hard to resist!
    Spike55 likes this.
  13. Spike55

    Spike55 Doesn't get out enough.

    Now sold. Thanks for all the positive comments, much appreciated :)

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