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Naim NAC 72 Tape output conundrum

Discussion in 'audio' started by eddie pugh, Mar 18, 2023.

  1. eddie pugh

    eddie pugh pfm Member

    I have a Naim 72 with Avondale 321A boards but with 729's removed. It's a long time since I opened the box but I'm pretty sure the tape buffer boards are in there. Difficult to open just now as 72 is burried in amongst a load of wired up kit

    I have a MDAC output connected to the RCA phonos, a Rega P5 / Avondale Phono amp connected to the CD input and a Yamaha Tuner on the Tuner input and a Dragon on Tape 1 input

    I have the output set from Tape 1 connected to my RME HDSP 9632 sound card

    Now the problem I can record the input signals from the MDAC, the Rega on the Cd anput and the Tuner with no issues with the sound card showing around -6db ish
    If I try and record the Dragon input The signal into the sound card is absent even though the output via the speakers is audible but a bit on the lowish side

    Is this normal ? The Dragon has allegedly a 1v p/p output and I have output turned up to full

    Am I really missing the tape buffer boards If so why is the output from the other 3 inputs all OK/

  2. wd40addict

    wd40addict pfm Member

    You're plumbed into a tape loop intended for a 3 head recorder. To do what you want, with dragon connected to tape input 1, take output from tape 2. Select tape 1 on input selector.
  3. MJS

    MJS Technical Tinkerer

    IIRC the 72s tape outputs are set to whatever the input is set to except the relevant tape input to avoid howl round.
    e.g. If you select Tape1 as the input, tape1 has no tape output, but tape 2 still does.
    The monitor switch on the front panel always listens to Tape1, unless it is selected as the input, in which case it should monitor tape2 instead.

    As WD40 says above, put the sound card in the Tape2 socket instead and all should be good.

    PS. The 102 will work the same way. The 52 and 82 have separate tape and listening buses but you still cannot have a tape output on the relevant Tape input if it is selected. Other unbuffered Naim Pres just didn't connect the tape source to the tape output.
  4. eddie pugh

    eddie pugh pfm Member

    Sincere thanks to you both. I must say I was not aware of this subtelty in the NAC72 circuitry All now as it should be.

    I should add that I had this study system working perfectly for years but was obliged to strip everything down to empty the man cave for redecoration
    to keep my wife happy. I could not believe the number of cables I scooped up after dismantling everything. Filled a large suitcase !!!
    Mind I have 40 years of accumulated kit in there, some of which must be got rid of as we must downsize soon.


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