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[FS] NAIM 552, 500, CDS3

Discussion in 'classifieds' started by Andy B, Apr 25, 2019.

  1. Andy B

    Andy B pfm Member


    Posting these under a new thread to reduce the noise, as I still have the following for sale:

    552 193*** (03) & 552 PS - £10500
    Both have just returned from Naim. The 552 has been serviced and the PS has had DR upgrade.
    The PS is an early prototype from 03 which Naim have confirmed and they have brought this up to latest spec. Both units come with the 12 month Naim guarantee and backing from Tom Tom who handled the servicing. I don't plan to plug these in so you will be getting them fresh from the factory and can enjoy the burn in period. I know what will happen if I plug them back in, and I can't afford that!

    CDS3 201*** (04) £1300

    500 & 500PS 184*** (02) £7000

  2. musiclover

    musiclover whatisinanaim

    are these still for sale
  3. Andy B

    Andy B pfm Member


    I still have the 552 & 500.

    CDS3 201*** (04) £1300 SOLD.

  4. musiclover

    musiclover whatisinanaim

    any pics. can you use the 500 and 5OO PS on their own or do you need another amp. have they been serviced. Are they DR?

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