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Nac 12 rubber feet?

Discussion in 'd.i.y.' started by Rallye_punk, Feb 14, 2018.

  1. Rallye_punk

    Rallye_punk pfm Member

    As above, I’ve just picked up a Nac 12 but it had no rubber feet. The rear two are ok as they’re the same thread as a regular chrome bumper amp, but the holes where the front feet Fit have small threads very much like the rest of the holes where the side and top panels bolt on. Any ideas?

    Also any ideas where’s id procure a full set of replacement screws, as some heathen has clearly used an incorrectly sized screw driver in the past and buggered the screw heads. thanks fellas.
  2. timH

    timH Senior Moment Member

    I think all the screws on the 12 are m3 thread and on mine they were countersunk hex headed about 8mm long. EBay May be your friend if you don’t have a local fastener shop.
  3. Rallye_punk

    Rallye_punk pfm Member

    Ok cheers. Do you know if the thread is metric or imperial though? I’d assume imperial given the age of the unit (82). Thanks again.
  4. timH

    timH Senior Moment Member

    I believe they’re metric but since the ones I’ve seen on eBay are 99p for 10 it’s probably worth a punt.
    Thinking about it when I had my 12s I also had a 160 and the bolts on that were also metric as I recall

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