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musical fidelity nuvista pre amp

Discussion in 'audio' started by justshoemark, Dec 2, 2022.

  1. justshoemark

    justshoemark pfm Member

    Hi all was thinking of maybe getting one of the earlier nuvista pre amps.
    I am using a Densen b200 at the moment just wondering if anyone had any experience with a nuvista.
  2. JohnyT

    JohnyT pfm Member

    I have a Nu-Vista Vinyl phono stage and absolutely love it. Probably the single best upgrade I made of all the components and certainly a keeper. I can't comment on their preamp or any other Nu-Vista product but I really do love the smooth and rich sound it brought to my Vinyl setup. Tears of joy we're actually shed during those first records played. The Nu-Vista tubes themselves have a very long life span compared to standard tubes so even with regular use it they should last for years. Spare sets are available so if your considering a very long term stay you could pick up a set for peace of mind [​IMG]
  3. Martian Sunrise

    Martian Sunrise pfm Member

    i have the nv300 pre (and the power amp). i have just got it back from john sampson, so i am still getting used to it, but i like it a lot, with both the nv300 power amp and my radford. really clean, neutral sounding. the phono stage is good and it has remote vol and source (i didn't know i needed these)...
  4. jandl100

    jandl100 Box swapping classical fan

    I bought a used Nuvista preamp from a dealer a decade or two ago (probably two or three).

    Luckily he accepted returns.
    It sounded unexceptional (to put it politely) and the remote volume control was a disaster - the lightest touch sent it about 10db. Next to impossible to set it to the volume I wanted.

    Maybe they fixed the remote issue and improved the sound.
    But maybe not.

    Definitely try before you commit is my advice - you might like it - or have an understanding that returns are accepted.
  5. unclepuncle

    unclepuncle pfm Member

    Really disappointing in my experience- and I owned two of them.
  6. jandl100

    jandl100 Box swapping classical fan

    Errr.... Why?
  7. unclepuncle

    unclepuncle pfm Member

    They were owned about four years apart. Made money on both when I resold which might explain it.:p
    jandl100 likes this.
  8. Whizzy

    Whizzy pfm Member

    I bought a pristine example second hand but sold it a few weeks later. It wasn't a bad amp just nothing special, particularly given the hype.
  9. justshoemark

    justshoemark pfm Member

    Preheps I will stick with the Densen then.
    jandl100 likes this.
  10. jandl100

    jandl100 Box swapping classical fan

    Haha, yes.
    I get that.

    I've returned to gear that I've disliked simply because I came to doubt my poor impressions of it given the almost universal praise heaped on by reviewers.
    I still hated them second time around! (AKG 701 headphones were the culprits. At least I didn't lose significant ££ on them).

    I do wonder about the praise heaped on the frankly mediocre NuVista preamp.
    Then I recall the vast amount of advertising that MF were putting in the Hifi press of the time. ;)
    Del monaco likes this.
  11. Del monaco

    Del monaco Del Monaco

    They were Stereophile babes for a while.
    jandl100 likes this.
  12. jandl100

    jandl100 Box swapping classical fan

    If a MF valve preamp is wanted, then ime a F22 is a much better bet.
    While it was never going to be a master of transparency, at least, with some judicious tube rolling, it was interestingly and entertainingly musical.

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