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Music Books

Discussion in 'music' started by Fox, Apr 8, 2014.

  1. timH

    timH pfm Member

    I quite like it when books that are not about music make mention of some artist album or track. It can be used to add to the plot or the character and often leads me to check out the artist mentioned. Examples are the Rebus series by Ian Rankin and the Harry Bosch series by Michael Connolly which often makes mention of Jazz artists
  2. Graham H

    Graham H pfm Member

    Prestige Album Covers

    at this price - £3.91 - I have no comment except I just ordered one.

    see Amazon
  3. Still

    Still he said his naim was ralph

  4. pfm Member

    Can Tago Mago 33 1/3 series.

    This is a book about Alan Warner's Can obsession.

    It has one chapter about the album Tago Mago. The rest of the book describes Warner's personal experiences of discovering Can, buying Can LPs in Virgin Megastore, reading Can liner notes, working out who the drummer was, how much albums cost back then, coming to understand what double beat drumming was. Etc. etc. A couple of insights about Can and the album come from minor appearances by band members.

    File alongside Letham's similar, if more informative and insightful, Fear of Music book. Personally, it's ear-marked for Oxfam.
  5. paulfromcamden

    paulfromcamden Baffled

    I recently read I Paid My Dues by bebop singer Babs Gonzales.

    The subtitle "A story of jazz and some of it's followers, shyster agents, hustlers, pimps and prostitutes" tells you everything you need to know really. I thoroughly enjoyed it!

    Cheapest copy on Amazon is 60 quid but Norton Records have some water damaged stock for $20.
  6. JimR

    JimR pfm Member

    I enjoyed 'Le Freak', Nile Rogers's autobiography. The man has paid his dues.

    vibemaster likes this.
  7. I.D.C.

    I.D.C. pfm Member

    That is a good book liked the bit about David Bowie having a mish mash of sounds for China Girl. Nile steps in with the right rift and everything falls into place.

    Best music book I have read is Rick James - even if you are not a fan it is one hell of a read. Its got everything. AWOL from the army , hides in Canada joins up with Neil Young. Both record demo on Motown. Smuggling drugs from India and Columbia. Jail in the US. Kidnapping , Sex . Its one hell of a read strongly recommended. However I had to buy second hand from amazon uk. Worth searching out.
  8. melroycen

    melroycen Member

    I think the best music book I have read is Susan Tomes' "Beyond the Notes", about her work as a pianist in Domus and the Florestan Trio. I found the chapter on the recording process particularly fascinating, but it's all engrossing stuff.
  9. melroycen

    melroycen Member

    Bass Culture - Lloyd Bradley
    Energy Flash - Simon Reynolds
  10. herb

    herb music live

    Minimalists by K Robert Schwarz came in the post yesterday

    It really does look a good read with great pictures and a lot of context.

    There are chapters on La Monte Young, Terry Riley, Steve Reich (minimalist and maximalist), Philip Glass (min and max), Adams, Meredith Monk, post minimalism, Nyman, Andriessen and Part.

  11. bigtall1

    bigtall1 Member

  12. BertieWorcester

    BertieWorcester What-ho!!

    +1 for the Joe Boyd really is an excellent read.

    Other music-related books that I've enjoyed reading are: -

    • 'Bittersweet' - The Clifford T. Ward Story.
    • 'Chalkhills & Children' - The XTC Story.
    • 'Tapestry of Delights' - The Comprehensive Guide to British Beat Music of the Beat, R&B, Psychedelic & Pregressive Era's.
    I guess that 'Tapestry of Delights' is more of a reference work, but my copy has been very well used over the years!
  13. pfm Member

  14. paulfromcamden

    paulfromcamden Baffled

  15. bigtall1

    bigtall1 Member

    I really enjoyed Danny Sugerman's "Wonderland Avenue", and also the Julian Cope books.
  16. Johnstephen

    Johnstephen pfm Member

    Isle of Noises:Conversations with great British songwriters by Daniel Rachel.
    Absolutely Marvellous.
  17. junk01

    junk01 pfm Member

    I was under the impression that he go hooked on heroin because he took it for pain relief.

    Am I mistaken?

  18. lsinclair

    lsinclair pfm Member

    I found a hardback copy of this - virtually as new condition - in the charity shop at my local recycling centre at the weekend (my usual source for books.) Fascinating read, best £1 spent for a long time.
  19. herb

    herb music live

  20. Si74

    Si74 pfm Member

    I thought this meant books with chords and stuff, usually badly written by piani players who would have geetarists breaking fingers to play outlandish chords? Have hunders of poonds worth of them worth nowt given the internet, halle,, doo dah.
    On a serious note , if you need to read an explanation of the music, it's shit or your,
    well .. whatever.

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