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moorish spain

Discussion in 'off topic' started by Rockmeister, Sep 4, 2019.

  1. kennyh

    kennyh pfm Member

    The sound of Andalucia for me........heard it first having gambas Pil Pil and mixed fried fish in Competa on our first night there 20 years ago.....a favourite with the locals. I asked what it was and bought the CD for the casa.

    Funnily enough a scruffy but amiable busker at El Tintero with a guitar approached our table and offered to play for us, he asked us to name any song, rather than telling him to bugger off I asked him to play this and thought I'd give him a euro if he got a few notes correct. I swear he nailed it to a 10000% T. I gave him a tenner and so did the Mrs, the guys on the next table doubled that and asked for an encore......he probably earned more than Paco that day, an incredible memory.

  2. kennyh

    kennyh pfm Member

    No she's still out, all the new faces are on the Archez Towh hall website. We walked past your place as we stayed at the Mudejar after we vacated our house the day before completion. Walked to Curros and wondered what you were doing with it. It's been too long empty and the town does need another bar/restaurant!!
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  3. BJP

    BJP Pink is the new Blue

    Could have sold that to me :p , we've been looking at the Axarquia , not quite ready yet , stayed in Competa five times and three times in Frigiliana , my sister lived in Rio Gordo for seven years .
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  4. cctaylor

    cctaylor pfm Member

    Ronda, everyone congregates round the bridge, only a fraction of them go far into the old town. I think it would be nice to stay there and have the place to yourself in the evening or morning before the buses arrive.
  5. kennyh

    kennyh pfm Member

    It's a truly nice area. There's a few super houses up for sale there too with people returning home for one reason or another.

    Our first place was an old traditional Townhouse in Competa, right at the top with stunning views. We then realised after purchase we couldn't get the car within half a mile of it so lugging supplies to the place became a nightmare!!

    Place we've just sold was in the campo, no problem with driving the car to it but they all have their pro's and cons.

    If it's to live there I'd recommend it, as a holiday place as what we used it for I'd probably rent now rather than taking on the hassles of owning if we were to do it again.
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  6. hifinutt

    hifinutt hifinutt

    quite incredible to have 2 fishies with places in the same village ! been on our bucket list for a while .
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  7. Rockmeister

    Rockmeister pfm Member

    I thought you meant Rhonda, as in coal mining valleys :)
    same coal, just a bit wetter.
  8. blossomchris

    blossomchris I feel better than James Brown

    Moorish, sounds good to me.

  9. twotone

    twotone pfm Member

    We went to Competa three year on the trot, first year we rented a townhouse down at the bus stop from some right mental hairdresser from London, Mike something or other, he wrote a autobiography which was a complete load of shite but it was in the house so I read it anyway, apparently he knackered his knees falling down the mountain or something and ended up back in London, he got by by renting out the house in Competa.

    Apparently he was some expert bird guy and was raided by plod in England who ended up killing all of his birds, he sued the police and got a payout I think, lost his birds though.

    The next two years we stayed in Hotel Balcon de Competa and loved it, great town and great people and excellent food, community the lot, we there for the last time in July 2016.

    Ronda is fantastic too, we had a few days in the Parador up there in Feb 2012.

    Small world on PFM.
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  10. vuk

    vuk \o/ choose anarchy

    i am reminded of that famous flawed translation (if i recall correctly -- google of no help):

    I never saw a moor,
    I never committed a sin,
    Yet know I how the heathen looks.

    @Joe Hutch -- please help
  11. BJP

    BJP Pink is the new Blue

    Yes small world , the five times we stayed in Competa it was at the Balcon , probably had breakfast on the next table to you :D
    twotone likes this.
  12. twotone

    twotone pfm Member

    One of the years we stayed there the price of a room per night with breakfast was about £32 the next year it went up to about £48 which we paid and then I asked for the cost of the rooms the next year and they quoted me something like £80 a night so we never went back.
  13. twotone

    twotone pfm Member

    Pretty sure that quote is by the Washington Irving.

  14. Rockmeister

    Rockmeister pfm Member

    the balcon is quoting mid £40 per night B&B for 2 in mid march which seems very good to me. Maybe avoid the high summer?
  15. kennyh

    kennyh pfm Member

    Yes it was £80 per night a few weeks back when we needed to stay locally after leaving the house the night before completion.

    We ended up staying at the Meson Mudejar in Archez, a real oldy worldy rambling place full of character. Lovely place that and a shame the new owners decided to make it a vegan restaurant, quite a boring looking menu to how it used to be and I wondered why it was so empty in the quaint restaurant. Not really the area to do that!
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  16. gintonic

    gintonic 50 shades of grey pussy cats

    implicitly racist, clearly to quote this with such joy means you are a racist
  17. Rockmeister

    Rockmeister pfm Member

    but maybe perfect for my vegan wife? We like old and rambling...must look it up if it's otherwise a good place?
  18. kennyh

    kennyh pfm Member

    Balcon de Europa in Nerja is our favourite hotel we've used in Andalucia, sits on the Med and the atmosphere when you step out in the evening on to the Balcon is immense.
    cjarchez, twotone and Rockmeister like this.
  19. kennyh

    kennyh pfm Member

    As I say it's packed with character, only issues could be if either of you are in any way hampered by mobility issues. Our room was up a flight of ancient stairs and the Moorish shower was a challenge to climb up to. It has an open restaurant in the centre of the place which can be closed over and is very like a Moroccan Riad. Very unusual place indeed.

    Being honest, I'd find it hard work staying there for a week although a night or two would be an experience.
  20. twotone

    twotone pfm Member

    Thinking about this first we stayed there which was July 2014 we paid £29 a night room and breakfast, my daughter was next door in the queen of spain’s Room and she paid £32 for the room and breakfast, at the time I was amazed at the prices but the pound was very strong vs the euro back then at one euro fifty I think.

    The second year the hotel was much better than the first year including breakfast and meals in the hotel but we mostly ate out at night including next door in the pizza place which was owned by the owner of the hotel’s son.

    Oscars down in the square was an excellent restaurant and I’m sure Oscar lived and worked in Glasgow for a few years, he lived in albiada I seem to remember which is even nicer than Competa in my opinion.
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