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Melco N1A/1 Digital Music Library (2 x 2 TB)

Discussion in 'trade sales' started by Audio_Therapy, May 28, 2019.

  1. Audio_Therapy

    Audio_Therapy Trade: Audio Therapy

    Melco N1A/1 Digital Music Library.

    Silver, supplied in original packaging (double boxed), very good condition, no obvious marks or scratches. Perfect working order. Software up to date and drives formatted, so setting up is like configuring a new machine.

    One owner from new, originally supplied by Audio Therapy

    RRP of this machine was £1750.00

    This machine has 2 x 2TB hard drives fitted and the drives can be configured as 4TB of usable storage or 2TB of usuble storage and a mirror image on the second drive. Please note: this does not constitute a back up of your music.

    The N1A/1 has 3 USB sockets on the rear panel and 1 on the front panel

    1 x Back Up, 1 x Expansion,1 x USB 3

    There is also 2 Ethernet ports

    1 x LAN, 1 x Player

    The LAN port is to connect to the Melco to your router so it can see the internet (for updates, metadata when ripping CD’s and streaming Tidal/Qobuz when connected to a USB DAC)

    The Player port is relevant if you want to use the Melco with a with UPnP Network Player – like Naim NDX or Uniti product, a Linn Network Player or a Lumin.

    As an authorised Melco Master Dealer you can buy with confidence, supplied with a 12 month warranty.

    £950 with Free UK P&P



  2. Audio_Therapy

    Audio_Therapy Trade: Audio Therapy

    Bumpity Bump :)
  3. Audio_Therapy

    Audio_Therapy Trade: Audio Therapy

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