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MDAC Issues - Remote not working

Discussion in 'd.i.y.' started by Cjm75, Sep 10, 2019.

  1. Cjm75

    Cjm75 pfm Member

    Apologies for putting this initially in the wrong section, and used wrong account as well (god knows how I ended up with 2)

    Shows how long its been, sorry to be a pest but can I ask for some assistance please.

    My MDAC remote has stopped working completely, I thought it was the remote itself as has had something spilled on it in the past, I stripped and cleaned it but still no joy so I ordered a new remote from IAG... Still no joy with the brand new remote... Have tried a factory reset as well....

    Can anyone offer some assistance please

    Have tried the remote into a camera and is working.. (wish id tried that before spending £30).......Eejit!


    Many Thanks
  2. Cjm75

    Cjm75 pfm Member


    After much searching I found this thread describing a similar issue, I also have a swagman psu.


    Plugged in the original Audiolab psu and remote began working.....stripped the cable between the swagman and mdac (PSU end only as did not look well put together) checked the connections, all seemed ok...i reassembled and then after found a small sliver of metal on the floor...I am not 100% sure it was from the inside of the connector but now the remote is working, I suspect an issue with the cable. If it happens again I may need to try and make or source a new cable.

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