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MDAC First Listen (part 00111000)

Discussion in 'audio' started by PhilCTTE, Jun 20, 2017.

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  1. ManMan

    ManMan pfm Member

    Had a deteriorating sound quality with MDAC, contacted IAG to check and replace if there are any bulging capacitors.

    21st Aug - unit sent
    22nd Aug - delivered
    25th Aug - emailed IAG to confirm the receipt of the DAC
    30th Aug - got a confirmation email
    31st Aug - received a call from IAG, DAC had loads of leaking capacitors and they replaced everything at free of cost, paid them £14 for return delivery charge
    1st Nov - DAC received and being burn-in now

    That's what I call customer service. Another happy customer. Thanks IAG, Thanks PFM members who helped me on this.
  2. timola

    timola pfm Member

    Wow!...maybe AIG now want to compete with Lakewest on customer support...:D:D:D

    Maybe they did a straight board swap (would have been easier I reckon?)

    Did you mean 1st Sept?
  3. misterdog

    misterdog Not the canine kind

    And the same year ? :eek:
  4. ManMan

    ManMan pfm Member

    My bad. Yes. September 1st.
  5. ManMan

    ManMan pfm Member

    Yes, and A.D., before you ask 😜😀
  6. JohnW

    JohnW pfm member


    What sources do you plan to use with the DAC?
  7. JohnW

    JohnW pfm member


    We dont know how "bad" the ASRC will sound - if its too severe then we can modify you transport to clock-lock it to the MDAC2.

    Also, with the streamer option you can use an external USB CD drive as a "clock-locked" CD transport.
  8. JohnW

    JohnW pfm member

    Yes - same as MDAC2, x2 Coax (BNC) and 2x optical.
  9. alloja

    alloja Well-Known Member

    A Sony DTC-77ES DAT recorder and an Enigma2-based satellite receiver (Vu+ Ultimo), although I suppose Internet radio functionality will be available from the streamer?

    If possible, I would also like to connect my Oppo BDP-103 for DVD-A and SACD replay, but IIRC, this would be possible through HDMI, right?

    I also intended to retain my Marantz CD 6000 player, which allows to address sub-track indexes, a feature that has been removed from players a long time ago. I have quite a few (mainly classical CDs) on which tracks are divided into indexes. But maybe those will be accessible from the USB CD drive through the streamer software?
  10. banjoman

    banjoman pfm Member

    I am a fully paid up FDAC Level 3 contributor patiently awaiting progress.
    However, for various reasons, I am in the market for a new DAC and trying to catch up on the status of different options here.
    I have gone through the thread but still confused.

    Could John or someone more up to date with the latest state of options and timelines help me clarify the following:

    - The detox is the only product that may go into production soon - right?
    I have not paid the detox development but interested - can I still pay up and join? How much please?

    - The MDAC2 is likely to be delivered before the FDAC - right? Any potential timelines?
    - As a fully paid up FDAC contributor, can I get an MDAC2?
    - Will I need to procure an MDAC to get the MDAC2 or are there salvaged units still available? What cost please?
    - There is no proposed timeline for the FDAC at the moment - right?
    - Any other options I have missed out on?

    Sorry for adding to the recurring questions but its proving tough to find latest answers to these from the thread,
    Any answers from John or other much appreciated!
  11. JohnW

    JohnW pfm member

    My experience of DAT recorders is that they are nothing but a bag of hurt - alignment between machines was never a strong point with bit error rates rapidly increase over the years. If you have valued recordings then I STRONGLY recommend transferring to SSD drive or USB Flash stick.

    Audio from the satellite receiver will be compressed, so no loss from the ASRC.

    The option for HDMI audio extraction is planned for FDAC - it might be possible to offer DVD-A and SACD reply with an external drive connected to the streamer sometime in the future.

    I'm not sure what features the streamer CD drive replay will offer - we have a software / hardware team meet from the 14th here in Czech and I'll discuss details.

    In the worst case, we can always clock-lock your Marantz.
  12. JohnW

    JohnW pfm member

    We closed the Detox order books - but there where a few sponsors who wanted to transfer there production reservation - I'm sure a position can be found for you - dont worry about payment at this time.

    Over the next 3 months we will see a host of designs going thought the production process - there will be several DAC's in the queue. We will update the Website with relevant information as the designs are completed so you can decide on which DAC best suits you. These designs are based on reusing the MDAC chassis.

    You can transfer you FDAC development sponsorship to the pending MDAC2 designs.

    These first designs will be based on reusing the MDAC chassis - we dont expect FDAC until later next year.

    Its better if you have an MDAC, later we will try to sources donor units but I need to clear out the current units we have on hand first before considering taking on further stock of donor MDACs. The Donor MDAC can be in any condition (working or non working).

    Not this year - this year we will have a host of MDAC2 designs so have the "DAC" covered - we need to complete the VFET amps before working on the FDAC.

    One of the MDAC2 version will be an ultra high performance DAC - a very specialised "oddball design" but will have the world highest Dynamic range. I'm afraid no more information on the design until its ready for production (in the next few months).

    I recommend joining the MDAC2 streamer project as this board will serve as the backbone of all of the pending MDAC2 variants.
  13. stephengrenfell

    stephengrenfell pfm Member

    Hi John,

    Is this in addition to the choice of ESSpro DAC board or "Dacapo Anniversary" DAC board for MDAC2 (that you have previously mentioned) ?. Or have I misunderstood.

  14. JohnW

    JohnW pfm member


    More information will be posted on all versions just before the first version is ready for production - so you can decide which version best suits you.
  15. alloja

    alloja Well-Known Member


    Thanks a lot for answering my queries.
    I'll start transferring my DAT tapes ASAP. It's the best option anyway before the tape transport dies on me.

    Does this mean HDMI audio extraction / DVD-A / SACD replay will never be available from the MDAC2?
  16. JohnW

    JohnW pfm member

    Not via HDMI - but the streamer might be ale to support some features via a DVD-A drive in the future. Our an external solution could be used to extract the Data and stored on the streamer system.
  17. Mark Dirac

    Mark Dirac pfm Member

    Hi John. Will the MDAC2 on its own convert MQA, or will the streamer be necessary for MQA?

    Best regards, Mark.
  18. banjoman

    banjoman pfm Member

    Thanks for the answers John. Appreciate it.
    Will wait for the MDAC2 options to emerge

    Could you please add me to the Detox list
  19. JohnW

    JohnW pfm member


    Subject to Bob's agreement, then the MDAC2 mainboard (without streamer) can decode MQA (USB and SPDIF inputs).
  20. highfi

    highfi pfm Member

    No MQA through the streamer?
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