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MDAC First Listen (part 00100011)

Discussion in 'audio' started by highfi, Nov 3, 2014.

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  1. JohnW

    JohnW pfm member


    I suspect that its indicative of pending Crystal failure - was your room cold when you first powered up the MDAC?
  2. ilmostro749

    ilmostro749 pfm Member

    Yes they could, but I doubt they thought the demand was there.

    Funny how they came out with the M-PWR, M-NET, and M-CDT 6-12 months after John mooted the ideas.

    I'm sure they are working on a V-FET design and a Valve product right now. :D




  3. Ale79

    Ale79 pfm Member

    I can't believe Audiolab omitted the implementation of the clock locking function for pairing the cdt with the MDAC...
  4. fred sonnen

    fred sonnen pfm Member

    That was my thoughts also....
  5. JohnW

    JohnW pfm member

    And why not* would you believe for one single second that the engineers in China have even the slightest clue about such matters?

    * Obviously we are both not surprised in the least! but to be honest it didn't even occur to me that they might! as I know how little they understand anything beyond the most basic requirements.

    Gosh I sound really REALLY nasty - but sadly the facts only speak for themselves.

    We can offer a clocklock update to the transport if anyone's interest.
  6. sam_cat

    sam_cat C'est Crounchifique!

    Is it wrong that I want to buy one, gut it and fit a thin-itx motherboard/ssd/slot load blu-ray player..
  7. ilmostro749

    ilmostro749 pfm Member


    Think of it as Audiolab saving you the need to make a custom case!

  8. sam_cat

    sam_cat C'est Crounchifique!

    Where can they be purchased from, and how much? lol.... :p (TBQH my pcs these days are quite a bit smaller than that case, no challenge in hacking a pc into that large box!)
  9. Steven Toy

    Steven Toy L3 Toy

    If you are ok with this, a trip to CZ next year when mutually convenient and when my MDAC2 L2 is ready would be good for the following reasons:

    1) I think I might have a dodgy coax connection on the back of my MDAC.

    2) I would like my Rega Apollo R to be clock locked. The MTRAN or audiolab rip-off has too large a footprint.

    3) I would like to pay cash. I nearly got robbed of 600 quid from my paypal last year so I've closed it.

    4) We love CZ.

    5) It would be good to meet up and meet two new Lab Ratters.

    6) I miss cabbage soup.
  10. JohnW

    JohnW pfm member

    Hi Steve,

    Your welcome anytime, I will have a trip to China at sometime, otherwise I will be here in the "lab"...
  11. misterdog

    misterdog Not the canine kind

    Chicken soup with Semolina dumplings for me, and some Hungarian salami.:D
  12. Ale79

    Ale79 pfm Member

    Thanks John, I'll think about it. I like the idea of the M CDT being the same footprint of the MDAC, but if I got this right this cd transport is about £400,00 and I'm not sure it's worth it....
  13. LarsS

    LarsS pfm Member

    Looking for advice.

    I've been holding on replacement of my MDAC awaiting the MDAC2. Since MDAC2 seems to be quite far away in the future, my guess is Christmas 2015 / Q1 2016, I've decided to buy a replacement for my MDAC.

    My investment pain threshold is approx 5000 GBP.
    High level requirements:
    - Not SABRE based, like to try something else.
    - No need for volume control.
    - No need for DSD, guess I'll eventually will get that in the MDAC2.
    - Tubes and/or transformers in design, Yes, why not.

    So far I've identified one candidate - Aqua La Scala MKII which ticks many of my boxes.

    Any other DAC's I should look into?

  14. ChrisPa

    ChrisPa pfm Member

    I know lots of different things are discussed in this thread,
    but that question looks like you should start a new thread...

  15. LarsS

    LarsS pfm Member

    Yes, you´re probably right.
  16. mike9876

    mike9876 Well-Known Member

    I would really like my MDAC2 to have a lakewest chassis with internal power supply instead of the audiolab donor chassis one day.
  17. JohnW

    JohnW pfm member


    My longer term plan is to offer a retrofittable Full size chassis with internal PSU for MDAC2.

    Its just premature to be make anytype of promises on pricing or availability - at this time my only concern is the MDAC2 / Slave & VFET amps.

    I plan to capitalises on my upcoming trip to China to not only design and arrange the VFET chassis but also the MDAC2 slave, TDAC and MDAC2.

    TDAC, MDAC2 Slave and MDAC2 will share the same chassis but with different front and rear panels - so its not as complicated as it would at first appear.

    Unfortunately I don't have AutoCad / ProE skills so I'm hoping to work directly with the mechanical designer in China - it will take a few days of "Chinglish" but by sitting next to the designer and scribbling ideas down on paper as he works on the CAD system makes it so much easier.

    I'm not looking forward to the food or the hell hole where the factory is located, at best I'll be able to find a local MacDonald's... Don't worry I'll post lots of pictures so you can all be part of the process from the comfort of your own homes :D
  18. Calsam

    Calsam New Member

    Completely new, so begging indulgence for the post...

    Have an antiquated all Quad system 909, 99 Preamp, and CDP and Quad speakers (forget the model but smallish floorstanders bought at the same time as the electronics). Was considering dumping the entire lot and buying a M-Dac, M-CDT and M-Pwr, and the M-Net when finally launched in the UK (once it supports high resolution and the app is finished according to Audiolab). A bit confused what upgrades Mr Westlake has available, timings and the costs - it appears there are upgrades to both the M-Dac and M-CDT. Is this correct? Reading through this thread, it seems that M-Pwr isn't held in much regard, would I therefore be better to keep my 909? Or perhaps buy a 8200P? Upon contacting Audiolab they suggested I could defer my purchase until the launch of the new Arc active speaker. Thoughts please? Also, I have read may times that Mr Westlake will bring out his own range of products including cd transport, DAC and amplifier - has this plan now been cancelled? Many thanks...
  19. trevjm

    trevjm pfm Member

    As a non techie person can I please ask a simple question.... what benefit does clock locking bring to the system?
  20. JohnW

    JohnW pfm member

    I suggest keeping you Quad 909 (its a far better amplifer then both the MPWR & 8200P) and use directly with the MDAC.

    You can then uses any CD player with Digital out as a transport - or dive into the world of PC audio using the MDAC's USB port.

    In 2015 we will release the MDAC2, MDAC2 Slave & VFET amps - and towards the end of the year the TDAC.
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