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(Mass) Drop ordering from UK

Discussion in 'headphones' started by RoA, Dec 20, 2022.

  1. RoA

    RoA pfm Member

    Does anyone here have experience?

    Interested in building a half decent HP rig.

  2. guey

    guey pfm Member

    I got a pair of their Sennheiser HD-6XX about three years ago.
    IIRC they took about two weeks to arrive. No problems, but obviously be aware you'll get stung for import taxes.
    RoA likes this.
  3. RoA

    RoA pfm Member

    Yes of course, still, at their current discounted price of around £190 (incl shipping) seems a better deal than anything here. The cheapest I can see is £309 unless I am missing something.
  4. Vinny

    Vinny pfm Member

    The savings form a joint order MAY be associated with carriage - it will depend on how the shipped wieght drops in terms of the weight ranges used by the carrier. The more expensive the item, the less significant over all.

    For instance - you might get one, two, three, more items sent for the same price due to weight. Or not.

    There are no other savings woth worrying about (you get one import admin charge - £12 - not really worth worrying about).

    The only realistic way to chance avoiding import charges is to use postal services, NOT a courier. Most couriers (DHL certainly) have delegated authority from HMC, so automatically calculate and charge what is due.
  5. Nara

    Nara pfm Member

    I ordered the HD6XX in Dec 2021 and they arrived about 10 days later with no additional charges, taxes etc. I think I got lucky!
  6. dalryc

    dalryc pfm Member

    Conversely, I ordered Koss ESP950s on Black Friday for £503, (not the Mass Drop version), and was charged £157 shipping including all taxes.
  7. dalryc

    dalryc pfm Member

    I got the HD58x Jubilee without any import charges.
  8. lawrence001

    lawrence001 Basic Member

  9. dalryc

    dalryc pfm Member

    Yes - ouch!
    However, they were half price on Black Friday - something that Koss seems to do a lot of.
  10. per-Sony-fied

    per-Sony-fied Me in another jacket

    Why doesn't such a service exist over here?

    Also many years ago I bought a pair of Stax headphones from Japan & I got lucky too with no import charges.
  11. Dave J

    Dave J Übermember

    Massdrop are offering free delivery to the UK until March 12th on orders over $50. Use the code FREESHIPUK.

    RoA likes this.
  12. dalryc

    dalryc pfm Member

    I bought Sennheiser HD58x last month.
    They cost me $149.
    Minus $10 first purchase bonus.
    Shipping was $15 to the UK.
    In total, $154.

    These now cost $199 for the headphones.
  13. RoA

    RoA pfm Member

    Nice phones.
  14. cupples

    cupples pfm Member

    If you're ordering stuff from the States, I strongly recommend using Stackry - it's a reshipping service in New Hampshire. Stuff gets sent there, then they forward it to you in the UK. I note that Drop are doing free US shipping at present, and HD58x are $159, which is bargainous. If you choose the cheapest delivery from stackry, then it's not infrequently that customs doesn't get charged, which is also helpful.
  15. dalryc

    dalryc pfm Member

    I wonder why the prices from Drop vary wildly?
  16. synthesia.

    synthesia. Member

    I remembered the last time I tried to buy a headphone stand on Drop, the postage was $15, almost half of the headphone stand, so I gave up.
    Just curious do you have to pay VAT if you buy something from drop that is over 135 quids?

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