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[FS] Mapex Drumkit for sale

Discussion in 'musical instruments' started by seagullsnacker, Apr 24, 2021.

  1. For sale.

    Collection from Welwyn Garden City in Hertfordshire.

    Been stored for a few years now as was Daughters before Uni.

    £300ono a lorra drum for your money

  2. Mr Pig

    Mr Pig ^'- -'^

    You should post the model of Mapex kit this is. Mapax kits start at £300 but this is not one of those kits.
  3. cj66

    cj66 pfm Member

    Possibly an older Saturn. Decent kit would have been in the 500-600 zone, plus the cymbals, throne and mutes.
    Good value there.
    A lot of good memories flooding back, even though I played Premier.
  4. This is a good point...TBH I do not know the exact model.

    They were brought for my Daughter about 10-12 years ago form the Percussion place in London (nr Chalk Farm)...they were about £500+ then.

    Pretty sure they are a way above a 'starter' kit...they have been stored since she used them for about a year or so.

    Seems reasonable value I think.
  5. Thanks they do seem a good set of Drums and it seems shame to have them languishing in the garage
  6. cj66

    cj66 pfm Member

    I was talking to a mate who worked a musical instrument shop in the 90s/2000s.
    He said I had the right price point but wrong series name. He reckoned your kit is the "Mars", Saturn was apparently semi-pro.
    Competed with the Pearl Export, Premier APK etc.

    Remember all these kits can be made to sound brilliant with the simple addition of better heads.
  7. You know Mars does ring a (very small) Cowbell
  8. Thinks and a bit of research suggest these are VX series...will be dis-interring from the Garage this weekend to check
  9. JTC

    JTC PFM Villager...

    Mapex make good kits. In fact, better than many custom-shop kits - I replaced a custom-shop kit (in beautiful santos rosewood finish) with a Mapex Orion, and it's a better sounding kit, easier to tune and with a definite warmth to the sound that the (more expensive) kit lacked. I've nothing but respect for Mapex. Which reminds me, my Orion is lazily gathering dust atop the wardrobe.... #oughttogetinabandagain
  10. I thought done our might like this but
    Thanks for the info...they seem pretty good to this non-drummer
  11. Checking this today and its a V Series with Remo skins and Solar Cymbals...£300 ONO
  12. shrink

    shrink pfm Member

    Used to have a midrange mapex kit myself. They are excellent value for money and I’d recommend this to anyone wanting to get away from the starter kits that represent terrible value.
    JTC likes this.
  13. JTC

    JTC PFM Villager...

    Makes me want to dust down mine. I just love drums and cymbals. I feel a bit sad that mine don't get the use they deserve, but I'd never part with the cymbals (all hand-selected 80s/90s Zildjian Ks excluding an Armand 19" ride).... drumdrumdrum :D
    madscientist and shrink like this.
  14. Much plaudits (thank you) but little interest ☹️

    am I pitching the price wrong ?
  15. effinity

    effinity pfm Member

    I’d be onto it if closer, maybe FB Marketplace might serve you better for local interest, if not gone already.
  16. Not gone yet and just noticed your message!

    yes I think you might be right

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