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[FS] Lyngdorf 1120

Discussion in 'classifieds' started by AndyCC72, May 26, 2023.

  1. AndyCC72

    AndyCC72 pfm Member

    Selling my 2 year old Lyngdorf 1120 amplifier.

    In perfect working order, no visible marks.

    retails for £2k, looking for £1,350.

    either collection from Bexley, SE London/Kent borders or I can’t post at buyers expense/risk.

    it’s a cracking little amp and the Room Perfect DSP is a game changer in most domestic settings. Integrates subwoofers sublimely.

    only selling as I'm going down the valve route and need to sell my current kit to fund this experiment.

    pics to follow once I’ve taken some over the weekend.
  2. AndyCC72

    AndyCC72 pfm Member

  3. AndyCC72

    AndyCC72 pfm Member

    Will accept £1300
  4. AndyCC72

    AndyCC72 pfm Member

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