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Luxman/Accuphase/Yamaha - Quality?

Discussion in 'audio' started by Paulq2, Jun 11, 2020.

  1. maccar

    maccar pfm Member

  2. gassor

    gassor There may be more posts after this.

    Reading about the Yamaha M80 power amp has got me thinking. One on Ebay for £900. Any experience/knowledge of this device out there good people?
  3. Paulq2

    Paulq2 pfm Member

    Spent some time in Singapore and the many HiFi shops in the Adelphi. Great place.
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  4. maccar

    maccar pfm Member

    Yes, that's the place, must get to go there one day
  5. ryder

    ryder pfm Member

    Update. I don't want to write too much here. I have switched from the Harbeth SHL5+ to the Marten Duke 2 speakers and it's the first time I'm listening to the LUXMAN L-590AXII optimised with a balanced interconnect. Although the cable is used, it may have fully run-in after 3 days of use. The cable is quite stiff though and can't be hidden behind the rack.

    The Marten is sounding very good driven by the optimised Luxman. The cable truly brought a transformation to the system. Everything is more nuanced and the control in the bass and everywhere else is incredible. The treble is very smooth and nuanced. Playing at higher levels the sound remains in control and smooth. Very happy.

    Couple more photos which show the sheer size of the amp next to Sonneteer. The Naim is also around the Sonneteer's size.

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  6. ryder

    ryder pfm Member

    Speakers are moved about 2 inches closer together to compensate for the increased control and more powerful bass.
  7. ryder

    ryder pfm Member

    I hope everyone is well. A short update to say that I'm just elated with the sound quality from the system. The focus is now with the music and not the gear anymore. No bad moments as music sounds good all the time irrespective of mood. I'm spending a lot of time listening to good music sometimes until the wee hours of the morning.

    For those who are in the market for a high quality integrated, do consider any of the options from Yamaha, Accuphase or Luxman. It may very well be your end-game integrated amplifier. I'm sure all will sound great but the Luxman is a winner from my personal experience. I didn't expect this sort of quality from the Luxman L-590AXII. The poise, subtlety, refinement and tonal accuracy, in many ways the Luxman is superior to the Naim separates of 4 boxes 282/HCDR/250DR + napsc. Well, to be fair the Luxman matches the weight of all 4 Naim boxes combined.

    Perhaps the Marten speakers played a role too as the Luxman combines very well with this speaker to produce a stellar result. It takes a 552/300 to match or surpass the performance of the Luxman L-590AXII as there is a user who uses this Naim to drive the Marten Duke 2 to great effect. The same speakers sounded poor when driven by the 282/HCDR/250DR.
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  8. Happy to hear the decisions were a resounding success - enjoy your ‘end game’ system :)!
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  9. James

    James Lord of the Erg\o/s

    Until the next shiny thing comes along. I'll get my coat ...

    No seriously, musical bliss is a great state to be in. Long may it continue for the OP. I'd like to try an Accuphase A-48 myself and see if my ancient Pioneer C-21/M-22 can be bettered.
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  10. maccar

    maccar pfm Member

    Hi, have you had the demoes? if so, please give us a full run down and any decision made.
  11. Peter Finney

    Peter Finney Active Member

    Hi, yes I had the demo and I’m going back later this week. I listened to three amps Hegel, Luxman 509x and Accuphase E650. It was all vinyl played on a Michel Orbe SE as that’s the turntable I have. All amps went through a Rothwell Phono Stage and speakers were Monitor Audio Platinum.

    I preferred the sound of the Accuphase out of the three. There was more clarity and a better balanced sound overall. I realise that the Accuphase is a class A amp (and £2,000 more expensive than the Luxman) so maybe that was the reason, however, I have never owned a Class A or tube amp before.

    When I go later this week, I will listen again to the Luxman 509x, Accuphase E450 (more comparable in price to the 509) and Luxman 590 AX mk2. The 590ax is the amp I’m looking forward to hearing as its Class A. The dealer has had to source the amp through the distributor as I was originally told there wasn’t one available. So all still to play for. The next stage will be to bring home to demo.
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  12. ryder

    ryder pfm Member

    Do keep us updated. The Accuphase E650 is very similar spec-wise to the Luxman L-590AXII, both Class A 30W/8 ohms although price-wise the former is more expensive.
  13. Peter Finney

    Peter Finney Active Member

    Yes, I know. I wanted to audition the 590ax first time but I think Luxman are pushing the 509x. I was very interested in all your observations with the 590ax so I’m looking forward to hearing it. If it sounds as good or as near as damn it to the Accu E650 I’ll be home auditioning it.
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  14. ryder

    ryder pfm Member

    I would be very interested on your thoughts with the Luxman L-590AXII and Accuphase E650 comparison. There's really nothing to nitpick about the Luxman which is a good thing. It just gets on with the job and plays beautiful music. It is interesting that the Accuphase E650 has better clarity and overall more balanced sound in comparison to the L-509X. The 509X is the top-of-the range Luxman integrated and if it's inferior to the Accuphase E-650, I'm curious how the L-590AXII would compare.
  15. ryder

    ryder pfm Member

    The lights on the front panel display of power meters can be switched on or off with the Luxman. I was wondering if owners usually leave the lights on the power meters on or off. I couldn't really tell if there's a difference in sound quality with the lights switched on or off. I'm actually more concerned on the aspects of reliability, whether it's a better idea to keep the lights on or off in the long run to ensure that the lights will keep working throughout its life span.
  16. Colin L

    Colin L High-tech low-life

    Am I the only one that finds power meters on amps, illuminated or not, superfluous, visually distracting and pretty much useless? An affectation I just don’t get. Bah humbug.
  17. Suffolk Tony

    Suffolk Tony Aim low, achieve your goals, avoid disappointment.

    I can turn off the lights on the Accuphase too, but from where I sit I don't see the front of the amp anyway, so now I just leave them on. They look pretty...

    I somehow doubt, given their specs, and the fact both companies seem to be in close competition for this market, that you'd notice much difference in their respective sounds. My Accuphase has settled down nicely, and although I miss some of the drive and life of the Naim system, this a more relaxed, more detailed sound. So I'm content.
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  18. ryder

    ryder pfm Member

    The amp surely looks prettier with the lights on, like some serious piece of kit. It looks a bit dull when the lights are off.

    It's good to hear that the Accuphase has settled down nicely. Although we don't own the same Naim amps (the 282/250DR is a lot inferior to 552/500), similarly the Naim surely has a lot more drive in comparison to the Luxman, but with Marten speakers this added drive plus a bit of brightness in the treble is not good. The Class A Luxman sounds a lot more relaxed/fluid, refined and detailed but it does not lack the drive of the Naim when matched with Marten. It's only with Harbeth I miss some of the drive and life of the Naim.

    The Luxman gives me an almost perfect sound with the Marten Duke 2, no complaints whatsoever. There's a member on the Naim forum (Bongoman) who still finds the Marten Duke 2 to sound a bit bright with his 552/300DR. I'm not sure if it's the room or something else but it would be interesting to see if the Accuphase or Luxman Class A amplifiers can resolve the brightness problem.
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  19. dronexy

    dronexy New Member

    I think musical fidelity trivista 300 is far better than all of them. Excellent.
    I listened to all of them none of them can approach the trivista 300.(I listened luxman 509u i-507ux-505ux and accuphase E408-E600)
  20. Peter Finney

    Peter Finney Active Member

    The demo is likely to be next week as the dealer is still waiting for the 590ax to be despatched. It’s with another dealer who is demoing it for one of their customers.

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