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LP 12 with Lingo 1

Discussion in 'audio' started by VVV, Oct 25, 2021.

  1. VVV

    VVV Active Member


    Hoping to get some advices regarding my system.
    Currently, I have a vintage LP12 from 80s (I think) with Lingo 1, Project Evolution 9cc, Orthofon black 2M. Cosmetically, original wood plinth looks great.

    Yesterday, Lingo did not powered on at all, not played the system for 2 weeks. Not sure what the problem is, maybe capacitors related?? I contacted a local Linn dealer and he suggested I should consider selling / trade in my vintage LP12 for a small fee and use it to purchase LP12 Majik.

    I thought maybe replacing my Lingo 1 to Lingo 4 with motor could be suffice enough to fix and upgrade my existing LP12. Hoping for much improved upgrade.

    Is new LP 12 Majik much improved than the old?
    Not sure if it really worth the trade in and go for the Majik. I like what I own, but the dealer suggested that upgrade is not worth it.

  2. guydarryl

    guydarryl pfm Member

    Linn Majik ~ £3,500
    Linn Lingo 4 ~1,500 (new motor included)

    Why would he suggest Majik? ;)
  3. VVV

    VVV Active Member

    He suggested new LP 12 is much better built. With the potential upgrades, including Lingo 4, the total cost maybe more than buying a Majik.
    My question is Majik quality is much better ?
  4. cromodora

    cromodora foshfishfie

    There’s been incremental improvements in build and parts of the deck since the 80’s.
    Biscuits in the plinth corners, top plate with additional corner bolt.
    You will also be getting new platter, springs and grommets along with the
    biggest update lately which is the new Karousel bearing.

    If its for a small fee I would trade-in for a new one.
    Last edited: Oct 25, 2021
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  5. boon

    boon pfm Member

    Don’t forget to take in to consideration your tone arm, if you have an Ittok LVIII keep the arm, it’s better than the Akito, not sure about the Krane which will be on the latest spec majik lp12, but the Lingo 4 is not included. Look on the Linn website!
  6. jimification

    jimification pfm Member

    Whilst the dealer's advice is probably correct, £3500 is quite a lot to fix a broken power supply if you are happy with your deck. If you like the Lingo I'd just send it to Darren at Class A for a fix and service. After all that time I'm sure it would benefit from an overhaul in any case.

    If you are interested in "better" sound anyway, then I'd ask the dealer if you can take your deck in and have a listen to your lp12 vs the new Majik deck. I'd also ask to hear a full Klimax LP12 because that will help you better understand the sonic direction that all of the LP12 upgrades go towards.
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  7. naimnut

    naimnut Deep in the Mines of Soul

    The Majik will have the new Karousel bearing, right?

    I think the recommendation take your deck in for a comparison is a good one.
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  8. pocketkitchen

    pocketkitchen Registered User

    I’d get it fixed first. Whatever the Majik is like (and it’s v good IMO) your deck is worth a hell of a lot less in non working condition. It will be a comparatively cheap fix. Once it’s done, you can assess any further system upgrades with no pressure.
    guydarryl likes this.
  9. Eyebroughty

    Eyebroughty JohnC

    Another vote for Darran at Class A to fix the Lingo, he is a great guy and his service is excellent.

    Keep your LP12 and arm, whatever anyone says they have a sound that is hard to beat and has been said the latest versions of LP12 and arms are different to the early models sound wise so best go listen.

    Given the prices for very good LP12's in the classifieds I would suggest that getting the Lingo fixed is a far better option price wise than spending nearly £3500 and getting a dealer trade in for your LP12, also your arm can take a good selection of cartridges that would be another upgrade at small cost to you.
  10. guydarryl

    guydarryl pfm Member

  11. Ron Ellis

    Ron Ellis Ronaudio

    What figures is the dealer talking for the trade in?
    A Lingo 1 to a 4 is an appreciable improvement. Did it!
    Darren can repair Ling 1’s. Did my Lingo 1.
    IMO the biggest upgrade to the LP12 is the karousel bearing, and I’d aim to get that, whatever other choices you make. Will be present in the latest Majic/Krane LP12, and you’d be advised to audition it before deciding.
    I’ve enjoyed the incremental changes i’ve Made to my ‘86 vintage LP12, bringing it up to Akurate spec, and culminating in the Karousel bearing, which was definitely a wow moment
  12. stuwils

    stuwils pfm Member

    Get the lingo fixed.
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  13. matfff

    matfff pfm Member

    Tells you all you need to know about that dealer!
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  14. Mr Pig

    Mr Pig ^'- -'^

    Funny how a Linn dealer's answer is always to buy new stuff?

    Yes, the LP12 has been updated but it's incremental. If you were buying a deck I'd say get a recent one but if you already have a good condition, solid deck you're better getting it fixed and upgraded. Unless you're spending huge amounts. I'd get the Lingo fixed.
    Nytechy, guydarryl and John like this.
  15. Gaius

    Gaius Trade: Stiletto by Tangerine

    Send the Lingo 1 to Darran at Class A, get the player right as is. If you want to upgrade establish a budget and go from there.
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  16. John

    John Rack’em Up!

    I purchased my Lingo in 1992 and had it proactively recapped a few years ago. Unlike later versions, the Lingo 1 has larger components which makes it easier to service. I had no plans to “upgrade” the power supply so did the the recap. I suppose I could have waited for it to fail and saved some money but I found someone at the time who could do it so pulled the trigger.

    Back then, I listened 95% to vinyl, nowadays it’s more like 20 percent and now could easily live without my turntable while it was being repaired.
  17. Alvarado

    Alvarado pfm Member

    As a punter with a faulty power supply your options range from 'repair existing motor' to 'replace motor with new/used' (eg Lingo 4) or 'swap whole lot for new shiny thing'. The price differences between the options are considerable. I think coming at it fresh, the first thing you'd do is put in the Karousel (£750). But thanks to your Lingo 1 failing you need to get the power supply fixed too (cost, ?) or replace it (Lingo 4 is about £1200, used is still almost 4 figures).

    I auditioned the Linn Majik Power supply against the Lingo 3 (which you'd have to get used) and Lingo 4 and it doesn't stand up to either. Plus it doesn't play 45's without faffing about (Lingo 4 does).

    Say you get a new Lingo 4 and Karousel, that's £2k. That's £1.5k short of a new Majik, but you're getting a power supply that's far, far better than the one on the Majik. You could even throw in a Kore (£800 approx) and still make on the deal, adding a Lingo 4 and a Kore to the basic Majik are each significant improvements (I auditioned it myself).

    I don't know what difference the Majik's grommets, platter, springs etc are going to make but if that needs doing you've still got quite a bit of headroom in your cost.

    Given you said that you are happy with it as it is (if it worked) and that you haven't used it for a fortnight I think I'd be disinclined to rush out and replace it. Especially as you can make the 3 biggest sound improvements available (Karousel, Lingo 4, Kore) as 'component' upgrades. I'd be looking at them in that order, and also considering the cost of simply fixing your Lingo; you could add in Karousel and/or Kore if you wanted later.
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  18. chris@panteg

    chris@panteg pfm Member

    Would it be very expensive to fix the lingo? Surely won't be that much.
    I'd get at least a quote for that and if reasonable, get it fixed.
  19. Eyebroughty

    Eyebroughty JohnC

  20. McNaim

    McNaim pfm Member

    … or you could buy a used Lingo 1,2,or 3

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