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Loricraft Garrard 401

Discussion in 'classic' started by dom_, Nov 25, 2007.

  1. dom_

    dom_ pfm Member

    I have had my deck back from Loricraft for about a week now so i thought i would post my results.



    I had the 401 fully stripped and rebuilt not just serviced as it had never seen any attention in its whole life.
    The insides are fantastic now, everything clean, oiled, replaced that needed it etc. It spins so smoothly and runs up and down from speed so well. The speed control is spot on accurate now too.

    The plinth is their skeletal plinth in black. As you can see this is two layers with aluminium struts and black squash balls at the top connecting the two layers. This gives the deck just a bit of give.
    They also made me a custom mount for my Aro. This gives adjustment for overhang, something missing from the Aro! While they where at it i got a new mat (looks like cork but isn't) and two rubber rings around the platter to reduce ringing.

    Everything was done to a very high standard.

    Now the important part, the sound!
    Compared to the 401 before in a plinth purchased off ebay (the guy who makes them with sme mounts all the time) this is another league. No comparison.
    It is the exact same sound as before, just everything is so much better. It all works so well together. I can not find fault with it.
    The bass is spot on, the mids are perfect and the highs that used to be a little congested are now crisp clean.

    If you have a Garrard you should take it to Loricraft just to see what can be achieved.

    I have found my perfect deck! I can't see any need to change this ever. My quest is over (except maybe the cartridge ;)).
  2. Paul Dimaline

    Paul Dimaline 12" round member

    Very nice, very nice indeed. I'm not a big fan of the skeletal plinths, (far to modern for me!!) but I must say it looks a whole lot more compact than the full sized Lorricraft plinth. They sure are amazing turntables that's for sure, I bet you cant leave the thing alone!
    Mick P will be inviting you to a candle lit supper in due course.
  3. DSJR

    DSJR Between us and them

    Looks great. Someone should make a proper commercial base for the ARO (Aroslide?)

    How much did the restoration cost? I've seen the Slatedeck updates which look good to me, but the platter rings and mat intrigue me...
  4. dom_

    dom_ pfm Member

    Im not sure on the slatedeck plinth myself, i would rather something that was heavy and dissapated energy, instead of just heavy.

    The mat is some industrial damping product that looks like cork but is very flexible, and the rings are just rubber rings. They sell both.
  5. spet0114

    spet0114 REMPI Member

    A very pertinent question. I'll wager it wasn't cheap! (Not that it isn't money well spent).

    I too have one of Mike Greenwood's plinths (but without an SME cut-out). I was thinking of doing a bit of DIY to decouple the top a la Loricraft.


  6. dom_

    dom_ pfm Member

    Put things into context though the deck work and plinth cost me less than an LP12.
  7. spet0114

    spet0114 REMPI Member

    An LP12 can cost from about 300 quid to about 6K!! :)
  8. dom_

    dom_ pfm Member

    Well, fair point.
    The plinth was around £400 to give you an idea. The rebuild was similar but obviously just a service is much less.
  9. Uncle Ants

    Uncle Ants I'm a Shop Keeper

    I like the moody photos :)

    So by the sounds of it £800 would see you clear plus the deck itself and an arm/cart?
  10. dom_

    dom_ pfm Member

    Yes, the arm base for the aro was more. You could do it for less if you just wanted a service. Still a bargain for the sound though in my opinion.
  11. spet0114

    spet0114 REMPI Member

    Cheers! Thanks for the info. :)
  12. Stuart Frazer

    Stuart Frazer pfm Member

    Looks nice. Any chance of some pictures showing the decoupling arrangements?
  13. dom_

    dom_ pfm Member

    Will see what i can do tomorrow, and post then.
  14. Peter Stockwell

    Peter Stockwell Fried Man in Paris

    Yes very business like.

    I just got mine back from a Slatedeck service (Len Edwards), a great job. sounds really sweet. Mine's in a Bastin plinth.
  15. spet0114

    spet0114 REMPI Member

    Any chance of some pics? :)
  16. Paul Barker

    Paul Barker New Member

    dom I'd be conscerened about the glass shelf. How have you decoupled the turntable from the glass?
  17. dom_

    dom_ pfm Member

    The top part of the deck with everything attached is decoupled to the bottom part so what benefit would i get from decoupling this from a glass shelf?
  18. Paul Barker

    Paul Barker New Member

    So you are happy with the sound of glass and mdf then? Have you tried anything else?

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