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Live music is rubbish

Discussion in 'music' started by Blzebub, Jan 29, 2012.

  1. Still

    Still he said his naim was ralph

  2. demotivated

    demotivated pfm Member

    Pretty much true, when you have been to 1000s of gigs like old timers, you know the plot and the ending.
  3. zener

    zener fluff

    Live music , sometimes crap , sometimes Ok , sometimes excellant , two examples of the latter , a guy at a local pub a few weeks back and "Japan" playing in a Brussels university auditorium in 1984 ..stunning
  4. tones

    tones Tones deaf

    My rather-hard-to-please brother went to hear Alison Krauss and Union Station at the Waterfront, Belfast last year. He said they were quite astonishingly good, especially at the end, when they gathered around a single microphone for their encores. This tends to confirm the impression of the live DVD set, which was given a low rating by an Amazon reviewer, on the grounds that it was clearly mimed! Clearly there are some acts who can still deliver the goods.
  5. 1800

    1800 pfm Member

    reallly loud sub woofers and deaf engineers ruin most gigs for me.

    12 bar club in Denmark St, now that IS a venue
  6. Anh

    Anh Naim ghetto blaster

    I was in a pub last Saturday night, the band did classic rock covers - all was going well till they played some Doobie Brothers, within 5 minutes there was a massive punch up that we had to evacuate.

    Still better than tossing around with active speakers and arguing about them with middle aged middle class men behind a computer.

    Live music requires some sort of public enagement and people facing skills, this is why I just dont see the point in certain members who get off from trolling behind a PC voicing an opinion about live music.
  7. abbott

    abbott pfm Member

    LOL +1 !
  8. dehavillandrfc

    dehavillandrfc Bassman

    Haha. Too right...
  9. zener

    zener fluff

  10. dehavillandrfc

    dehavillandrfc Bassman

  11. nat8808

    nat8808 pfm Member

    And before the last chord or note has even finished!

    It's as if they want to be the first to shout to show how they really, really are in to this band..

    So much in to them are they that they don't care to actually listen to the song and never get lost in the music, they are just waiting waiting ready for their chance to woop.

    I'd genuinely like to know too.
  12. nat8808

    nat8808 pfm Member

    Maybe they're not getting off on it but just expressing an exasperation.
  13. 9designs

    9designs pfm Member

    Would agree with this.....

    Been lucky recently and found Cox's Yard in Stratford Upon Avon, excellent small venue.
    Been twice now, both times to see Eleanor McEvoy, only 8 quid a ticket !!... It's small, great atmosphere and no queues at the bar !
    Not only was she great as ever, but on both times I got to discovered new artists as the warm up acts were great, Al Lewis on the first time and Peter Katz the second.... both times bought their CD's had a chat and got them signed after the show.... Try doing that at the O2 !!!

    Their albums are pretty much vocal and guitar and recorded straight etc..and sound remarkable close to the live event...... Nothing wrong with our HiFi equipment, just some record companies who try and sell us crappy discs !
  14. Homehelp

    Homehelp pfm Member

    Apologies i been given this some more thought. Give you the run down what spurned this thought on.

    I was surfing session guitarist and found Pip Williams I did not realise he played the guitar on all The Sweet and Chin and Chapman hits and went on to work within the moody blues

    What We were wondering though when you say live music are we talking about the performances or the the gig as a whole.

    Do you think for example is why you may be disappointed with an overhaul performance now on hindsight. That might be because the artist did not play on it at all, merely sung.

    As we know You can by exactly the same Amp and Guitar as Hank Marvin. But you not going to sound like him.

    check this out about The Sweet who we enjoyed thought they were great live. and the politics of session musicians a very entertaining read
    with lots of "well I'm Dammed did not know that! type information
  15. Rasher

    Rasher Quadrophenia land

    When I was in a band the feedback was extremely important and you play and perform so much better once that you know that the crowd are on your side. It might be irritating to you, but it matters.

    I once went to a Soul Asylum gig in Shepherds Bush in the 90s where the crowd were very quiet - polite applause only, and undeservedly as they were really going for it. The band clearly were put on the back foot by the cool reception and they ended up not talking much and went for a quick exit looking very pissed off. I think the crowd liked them and enjoyed it, but couldn't express it.

    If you don't want to get into it, then don't go - or go and watch tennis instead. A bands performance is directly proportional to the enthusiasm they are given in return. If you disagree, then I suggest you try it yourself and see how you get on. This is what gigs are about - it's not a recital.

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