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[FS] LINN - Vintage Rosewood LP12, Ekos, Troika, Lingo.

Discussion in 'd.i.y. classifieds' started by tpetsch, Apr 18, 2021.

  1. tpetsch

    tpetsch pfm Member

    Original owner, lovingly maintained LP12, purchased new in Sept, 1986.

    Comes with what you see in the pictures, everything is perfectly functioning, deck has been maintained over the years by the same Linn shop tech.

    Rosewood plinth, black bearing, Non-Cirkus, only flaw is a slight ding on top left that I honestly don't remember how it got there.
    Ekos Tonearm.
    Lingo, recently Servised/recapped. A few scuffs on front face plate.
    Troika, Goldring rebuilt, well under 50 hours.
    New belt, recently tuned up & ready to go.
    Everything listed here was purchased new by me at my Linn dealer over the years.
    When I originally purchased the deck in 86' it was configured with Valhalla PS, RB300 tonearm & K18 cartridge.

    Deck is in NY, Long Island, and I would rather meet up somewhat local without having to disassemble/pack and ship. I will also consider driving a hundred or so miles -meet halfway- with a potential buyer, can demonstrate.

    $4800 USD.

  2. tpetsch

    tpetsch pfm Member

    ...Or best reasonable offer.
  3. tpetsch

    tpetsch pfm Member

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