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Linn Unidisk SC

Discussion in 'trade sales' started by Lagom HiFi, Jul 30, 2020.

  1. Lagom HiFi

    Lagom HiFi Trade: Lagom HiFi

    Linn Unidisk SC
    Scart-model with HDMI output
    Pre Amplifier
    DVD-Video Player
    Supports Super Audio CD and DVD Audio
    Support Dolby Digital and DTS
    2x SCART output
    1x HDMI output
    5.1 Channel Output to power amplifier and subwoofer
    2x Analogue inputs RCA
    1x Analogue output RCA (fixed level output)
    2x Digital Coax Inputs
    2x Digital Optical Inputs
    1x Digital Coax output
    1x Digital Optical output


    A great cd-player with the capability of playing both Super Audio CD and the DVD-Audio format. It can also play DVD (video) and be used as a pre amplifier for up to 5 channels and a subwoofer.

    It’s in an excellent condition which can be seen in the photos, comes with its remote control, power cord and manual.

    For more information please send a PM or an email to daniel@lagomhifi.com


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