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Linn Klimax Solo Dynamik

Discussion in 'audio' started by toto, Jan 14, 2022.

  1. toto

    toto pfm Member


    My system is a naim 52, Supercap, 135, Linn Isobarik PMS.
    I also have Naim Snaxo362, Supercap.

    But I wanted to reduce my a lot of boxes.

    I used the 552(non DR) and 500(non DR) with the Isobarik a few years ago, but I'm back to the Olive system.

    I bought a Linn Klimax Solo (non dynamik version) 10 years ago, but sold it because it lacked sound energy than the Naim.

    What about the current Linn Klimax Solo Dynamik version?

    Does anyone have experience with Linn Isobarik and Linn Solo dynamik version?

    Many Thanks

  2. david ellwood

    david ellwood Kirabosi Kognoscente

    I’d recommend an active setup with an exaktbox, just two boxes and a dramatic upgrade from passive.
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  3. Nero

    Nero Call me 'Goose'

    Do what I did. Replace the Briks and a lot of hardware with active ATCs. :)
    The 52 will work fine until you want something better
  4. nostromo

    nostromo pfm Member

  5. nostromo

    nostromo pfm Member

    The ATC sound is very different, I personally didn't like it. The Naim/Isobarik combination has a unique sound signature, if you like it and then decide to move away, have a plan ready to get back there.... Just in case you miss it (which I guess you might).

    A large upgrade is possible going active... Hide the extra boxes away in a vented cabinet.

    I've never heard the Klimax Solos in any guise but I reckon 12 of those would work very nicely as would 12 Naim 135s....both awesome.
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  6. ff1d1l

    ff1d1l pfm Member

    +1....I got rid of Bariks, two pairs, more than a decade ago and every system I've had since, speaker wise, has been better.
    12" Tannoy Monitor Golds in 200l cabs, Tannoy Autographs with 15" Golds, or HPDs or Reds, Urei 804s, Urei 811s with subs, JBL L40s, JBL 4411s, JBL 4430s.
    Even a car boot pair of empty Skytronic PA cabs with the treble horn aperture transformed into a guessed at port and 15" HPDs chucked in stomped them.:)
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  7. chris geary

    chris geary pfm Member

    If you like the sound of your system now, and you already have the crossover, either buy 4 more 135s or trade them in for 3 250s (or three other stereo power amps). Active Briks are my kryponite, and my system benefits (i think) from a naim crossover and linn amps. But if you prefer the 135 to the Klimax Mono then you should pursue naim amplification.

    Sorry about the box count. Briks just work better aktiv. Look at it this way: 3 250s is only one more box than two 135s! You will of course need a Hicap for that 362 though.
    nostromo likes this.
  8. david ellwood

    david ellwood Kirabosi Kognoscente

    To have owned all those different speakers in just over a decade you appear to have difficulties being happy with any choice of speaker, or maybe just fickle?
    Richard Lines likes this.
  9. ff1d1l

    ff1d1l pfm Member

    I've still got them all. I'm bad at getting rid of stuff, the best tends to get supplanted.
    To give you an idea of my personal ranking:
    12" Monitor Golds - lent to son.
    Autographs - lent to a friend with huge living room.
    Urei 804s and 811s - workshop system, I swap them out but mainly the 811s
    L40s - living room system
    4411s lent to parents for system mainly used to have the TV through - they have a pair of my old isobariks downstairs in the conservatory.
    4430s biamped in the best system in the listening/projector room. You'll notice there is a pair of isobariks in there occasionally used as a reference...they don't, I'm afraid, change my opinion. Stuff that sounds like hi fi, and mid-fi at that - go bariks....stuff that sounds like reality, does depth, soundstage, dynamics and fooled you moments - go big cones and compression drivers.
    Colin L likes this.
  10. toto

    toto pfm Member

    I have 2 pair Naim 135s, Snaxo362 and Supercap for Snaxo362. I need just one pair CB 135s
    I never heard Linn Klimax solo dynamik version.
  11. toto

    toto pfm Member

    At the same time, the 135 and 250 were compared. The 135 was much better. But the 135 and the Klimax Solo dynamik did not compare.
  12. toto

    toto pfm Member

    I will keep my Briks. If I ever see a Westlake BBSM15 at a good price in the distant future, I will sell my briks.
  13. sonddek

    sonddek Trade: SUPATRAC

    A long time ago I switched from Naim amps to Linn amps. It was clear the two companies had different priorities in audio reproduction. It was one of the best changes I've made. I don't use Linn amps now, except for Uphorik and tuneboxes, but it taught me a lot about the frustrating quest for sound as opposed to the satisfying quest for enjoyable music.

    I try never to listen for sound. I always only ask myself whether I'm enjoying the music. If I find myself thinking about bass or any other measurable parameter I reckon I'm in danger of taking a wrong turn. I'm convinced this leads to better long term decisions.
  14. david ellwood

    david ellwood Kirabosi Kognoscente

    To actually answer the OP the latest Dynamik Solos are a huge improvement over the originals and have really come good.

    They will certainly make a great job of driving your Bariks.
  15. toto

    toto pfm Member

    Did the dynamic increase over the non-dynamik version? When I listened to the non-dynamik version, it sounded too flat and no energy compared to the naim sound. It was doubtful whether power is 500W.
  16. ASenna04

    ASenna04 pfm Member

    Just out of interest, why did you go back to olive from 552?
  17. david ellwood

    david ellwood Kirabosi Kognoscente

    That suggests that there have been only two versions of the amplifier and that the power supply made all the difference.

    Id suggest there have been a lot of small tweaks to the design over the years and the latest examples are much better for it.

    Fitting a dynamik psu to an original spec amp isn’t going to get you there.
  18. Eyebroughty

    Eyebroughty JohnC

    However in the case of the Linn 2250 fitting a Dynamik power supply to one makes a hell of a difference, it goes from being a flat lifeless amp to fast, dynamic and very accurate.

    I have heard stories that the Linn 2250 is basically the circuit of the Klimax twin in a regular case, but never had it confirmed.
  19. nostromo

    nostromo pfm Member

    I'm pretty sure the high end Klimax chassis milled from a solid block by Linn's fancy machine adds most of the extra cost.
  20. sonddek

    sonddek Trade: SUPATRAC

    There is a theory that all these amps are so close to transparent that you would struggle to identify any difference in blind tests.

    I compared my Dynamik 2250s to Behringer A500s and found it very difficult to tell them apart at all. The 2250s might have had a slight emphasis in bass whereas the A500s seemed to have slightly more clarity in the mid range, but don't hold me to it. They were equally enjoyable for music.

    Before spending all that money on Solos be sure to compare them directly to the £180 Behringer A800. You might be slightly shocked by how little the price difference gets you.

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