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[FS] LINN Klimax renew DS 1

Discussion in 'classifieds' started by DARINO, Jan 12, 2020.


    DARINO pfm Member

    Unopened DS player that i was going to use in another room but decided I'm going to go for an all in one solution. New in sealed box complete with full LINN warranty. The generation before Katalyst but great sounding player nevertheless. Looking for £2250. Please reply by PM only.

    DARINO pfm Member

    Bump. OVNO. Not bad for a new Klimax level product with a five year warranty surely!
  3. 9designs

    9designs pfm Member

    Does it have exakt sockets ?

    DARINO pfm Member

    Don't think so. It is a DS-1

    DARINO pfm Member

    Bump with price tweak. £1999. Surely a bargain.

    DARINO pfm Member

    Bump, these cost £2500 from LINN assuming you are providing the most expensive part which is the Klimax PCB. One just sold on ebay which was used and the older model than this this week for £1650. It would appear that a sealed box is putting people off as they cannot see the product. This product comes with a 4 1/2 year LINN warranty and purchase receipt. £`1950 cash on collection from Otley west Yorkshire. Surely a bargain for someone.

    DARINO pfm Member

  8. rich46

    rich46 quad rules

    IS THE WARRENTY transferable , if it is .is it 5 years in the past with a linn phono stage I couldnt transfer the warrenty / auralic ???

    DARINO pfm Member

    The warranty will be honoured for the remaining 4 1/2 years. Final price reduction £1900 collection only with cash payment. I'll keep it and move on my DS3 if no-one goes for this.
  10. tmy999

    tmy999 New Member

    is this still for sale? Im interested if it is?

  11. DARINO

    DARINO pfm Member

    Yes it is. Where snouts are you?
  12. tmy999

    tmy999 New Member

    Currently working in London but can travel.

    Where are you?

    I've only used this forum a few times and dont know how to send PM?
  13. DARINO

    DARINO pfm Member

    I've just messaged you, just log in and go to your inbox at the top right of the screen.
  14. Richard Lines

    Richard Lines pfm Member

    Would it be a 'necessary' journey?


  15. DARINO

    DARINO pfm Member

    I guess not but the ban won't be forever. Sent you a PM

  16. tmy999

    tmy999 New Member

    Hi Richard

    Im not clear on your post as to whether you asking me the question or just making a comment.

    If it was a question for me then to clarify, I wasn't planning on travelling anytime soon, not until the restrictions are lifted.

    Hopefully, that clears matters up.

  17. DARINO

    DARINO pfm Member

    In light of the current situation i could post this item. I prefer dealing with people face to face but not possible at the moment. I can send fully insured via Special delivery at cost.
  18. DARINO

    DARINO pfm Member

  19. tmy999

    tmy999 New Member

    Sorry if I didn't make clear my plans. With the current pandemic I am in no real hurry and have other things to prioritise. I will hopefully be back in touch once restrictions are lifted and its safe to do so. I prefer to deal face to face, and I will only be travelling from Manchester anyway (and I also have reason to visit Otley).

    Obviously if its no longer for sale, then I quite understand.


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