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Linn Klimax Kontrol Pre-Amp (Dynamik Upgrade) Pre-owned

Discussion in 'trade sales' started by Audio_Therapy, Jul 28, 2022.

  1. Audio_Therapy

    Audio_Therapy Trade: Audio Therapy

    We have for sale a pre-owned Linn Klimax Kontrol Preamplifier

    Supplied in original box with remote control, UK power cable and user manual

    This model was manufactured in 2007 and have the Dynamik upgrade in 2009

    Superb physical condition, no obvious marks, scratches or blemishes

    There are 3 pairs of RCA inputs, 1 pair of XLR inputs. There are 1 pair of RCA and 1 pair of XLR outputs.

    Perfect working order

    Asking £1799 or closest sensible offer, price includes UK P&P

    International P&P is possible, please get in touch for a shipping quote



  2. Audio_Therapy

    Audio_Therapy Trade: Audio Therapy

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