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Life after Naim

Discussion in 'audio' started by cayorob, Nov 7, 2021.

  1. Mynamemynaim

    Mynamemynaim 38yrs a Naim owner

    The thread (to me) shows that other people have experienced the same fall from grace with naim that I have

    From being an avid green forum contributer and naim shunning the snobbish crap the forum has become ...and shunning the over priced, overcomplicated equipment that has spawned out of the once lovely CB and olive ranges

    I'm not saying live in the past....but £3.8k for an interconnect when once they advocated a bit of mains wire with two Dins on it ?
  2. cayorob

    cayorob Member

    I probably should have said in initial post that until recently is was driving some efficient small Focal speakers. A recent room change and purchase of some Dynaudio Evoke 50 and I wonder if the little XS is now my weak point.
    This thread certainly wasn’t about any kind of bashing. Naim and my local dealer have always provided exceptional service. I merely posted to ask of alternatives, from people that have previously owned and enjoyed Naim
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  3. gustav_errata

    gustav_errata pfm Member

    I think a big part of it is that, like, say, Apple, Naim has developed a whole ecosystem in a sense and it is very easy and common to stay almost entirely within this ecosystem. That is, it's probably far more common to find people with all-Naim systems than for other companies (there are others though, of course, eg Linn).

    One can clearly spend all of one's audiophile life buying and enjoying a series of Naim gear, to have an ever-evolving system that nevertheless remains almost entirely Naim. And that is fine and I don't think such people should be criticised because "to each his own." With that said, it is not unreasonable for someone "living in Naimland" like that to speak of stepping outside that world in terms of "life after Naim" and, indeed, as mentioned there are few other companies for which such a sentiment might make sense.

    Personally I see the appeal in the Naim life and even with my humble gear I admit to still feeling that pride of ownership, even in the present company on pfm and otherwise without any of my real world friends knowing anything about it. But at the same time I'm too curious about all the other brands out there. So when fantasising about my next big upgrade, sometimes I think it's moving up the Naim ladder, sometimes it's about jumping off and settling on a different brand. I can see how further along people would weight more strongly the jumping-off option.
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  4. Gervais Cote

    Gervais Cote Predator

    I had a life after Naim for a while as I got tired of DIN cables, multiple boxes, separate power supplies and so on...........but got back to it, more specifically with the chrome bumper line and this was "dictated" by my ears and nothing else.
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  5. AndyU

    AndyU pfm Member

    Yeah but, Apple massively increase the power of their machines just about every year and the price often stays the same, whereas Naim ..
  6. MVV

    MVV pfm Member

    Now the Nait 3, that's a good value amplifier. I really liked the one I got when the other kit went off to be repaired.
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  7. gustav_errata

    gustav_errata pfm Member

    True but that's outside the intended scope of the analogy.
  8. unit

    unit pfm Member

    @jobseeker I'm feeling the itch to try something new. The Mytek stuff looks really intruiging. How do you rate it against your Naim setup?
  9. Mr Pig

    Mr Pig ^'- -'^

    Ironic that that those who care about this debate, on both sides, have no realization of how bizarre it would seem to the vast majority of people. The whole concept of systematically and fervently upgrading a domestic appliance even when very large sums of money are required for tiny improvements is irrational. The only way it can be justified is by only talking about to other people who share this foolish addiction. Naim have done a fantastic job of creating a little rubber room for the afflicted to live in, isolated from scorn and ridicule. This new price and product structure looks like a change of direction which suggests that someone either really knows what they're doing or really doesn't.
  10. gustav_errata

    gustav_errata pfm Member

    First, I fail to see any irony. Second, every hobby has such topics of discussion that make no sense to anyone outside of the hobby.

    Also, this: "The whole concept of systematically and fervently upgrading a domestic appliance even when very large sums of money are required for tiny improvements is irrational." is not wholly unfamiliar to, say, PC gamers. Unarguably a much larger demographic than audiophiles. Yes, there is a different scope for prices but the same basic idea applies: massive diminishing returns on expensive gear to squeeze out a bit better performance.
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  11. monty

    monty pfm Member

    I went from Naim to Valves, to Yamaha then back to Naim. Currently 252/SCDR, 500, Superline, NDX2/555PSDR.
    I have a 552 itch to scratch but £25k seems steep so got eye out for 2nd hand.
    I should probably look to upgrade my speakers before anything else though.
    All Hifi will no doubt go up in price due to production issues, supply issues and costs of components etc
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  12. Patu

    Patu pfm Member

    Ex-Naimee here. It all started with an audition of the original SuperNait back in 2009 or something. It ended with Naim DAC + Teddy XPS to SN2 + Teddy HiCap in 2019 when I pretty much sold everything and went active and simplified my setup with ATC SCM40A. I bought passive ATC SCM40’s in 2014 and after five years with Naim + ATC, wanted to hear what all the fuss about active ATC’s was. I haven’t looked back. Current setup is Linn ADSM/3 + ATC SCM50ASL. I still think that the best hifi is made in UK, been a fan since that SuperNait demo in 2009. The point where I was with Naim was difficult. Next step would’ve been separates with massive investments and growing number of black boxes in the rack. Going active gave so much more for the money invested.
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  13. Luca

    Luca pfm Member

    I agree with your thought but I would add others brands that seem to me on the same line. For instance the commercial policy that Linn conceived and adopted for the Linn Sondek, with an endless saga of ridiculously expensive upgrades far beats the Naim upgrade path.
  14. jobseeker

    jobseeker pfm Member

    Very good, no doubt about that. As ever, not without quirks. Direct comparisons difficult because it all coincided with total changes of rooms, equipment etc. The current strange legal and manufacturing situations at Mytek make things a bit complicated. I’m mulling over the upgrade offer for current BB owners up to BB2.
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  15. duckworp

    duckworp pfm Member

    But this is what all hobbies are like! They all look bizarre to the vast majority of people. My friend is buying a new £6k push bike as it’s a few grams lighter than his, what seems to me, already amazing bike. Another spends 4 figure sums on a fishing rod. And don't go anywhere near leisure ocean boats if you think Hi-Fi is expensive and bizarre.
  16. duckworp

    duckworp pfm Member

    Because the OP did not want to know the answer to that. The question he asked was what Naim users have moved on to. Not sure why you are confused as to the point of the thread.
  17. Hook

    Hook Blackbeard's former bo'sun.

    Irrational or not, I followed the Naim upgrade process over about a decade. IME, each upgrade offered improved sound quality to my ears.

    Started off about 14 years ago with a Naim XS, then moved to a 282/250, then 252/300, and now 552/300. Digital source went from NDX/XPS to NDS/555. Naim Ovator 400s replaced Harbeth C7ESRs, and I purchased my last DR upgrade about 8 years ago. Only my 300 PS remains original (non-DR). Last hardware purchase was about 6 years ago when I swapped out Naca5 speaker cable for Super Lumina. That's when I decided I was done, and that further improvements to sound quality would likely be missed by my aging ears.

    Last audio software purchase was a lifetime Roon license along with a SonicTransporter i5. That was about 3 years ago. Done strictly for simplicity and convenience, but the Roon DSP has helped tame some overly bass rich albums that I otherwise enjoy.

    For the record, I have never advocated that others follow a similar path. Mine was expensive and time consuming, but each step was fun, and the setup has brought me many years of daily joy. Needless to say, there were countless other paths to get to this same place, but I have enjoyed this one. In other words, I have not "moved on".
  18. Woodface

    Woodface pfm Member

    The weird thing is that it is only after I'd spent the money that I thought it might be ridiculous; it was a fun journey though.
  19. Ron Ellis

    Ron Ellis Ronaudio

    Do it! Had the Elex until I heard the Elicit r, but the Aethos was a massive improvement over the Elicit in terms of control, separation, and dynamics
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  20. Tigerjones

    Tigerjones Bagpuss

    Is getting banned from the Naim forum still easier than taking a bath?
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